Samuel Brengle

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860-1936) was an American Methodist born in Indiana who joined the Salvation Army in the 1890s. He was mightily used of the Lord–even more so through his many books, which were chiefly written during a convalescence following being badly injured while street preaching. He was described by one observer as a kindly, literate and articulate man who left good memories with nearly everyone he met.






Chapter 1: Love-Slaves
Chapter 2: ‘A Man In Christ’
Chapter 3: Future Punishment And The Bible
Chapter 4: I Counted…And I Count
Chapter 5: The Angels Song Of Peace
Chapter 6: Misrepresenting God
Chapter 7: Confessing Other People’s Sins
Chapter 8: The Dangers Of Middle Age
Chapter 9: Maintaining The Holiness Standard
Chapter 10: The Terror Of The Lord
Chapter 11: Holy Covetousness
Chapter 12: A Common Yet Subtle Sin
Chapter 13: Sins Against Chastity
Chapter 14: Whitened Harvest Fields
Chapter 15: Encouraging One Another
Chapter 16: How A Nobody Became A Somebody
Chapter 17: You
Chapter 18: My Testimony

The Soul-Winner’s Secret

Chapter 1: The Personal Experience Of The Soul Winner
Chapter 2: Obedience
Chapter 3: Prayer
Chapter 4: Zeal
Chapter 5: Spiritual Leadership
Chapter 6: Redeeming The Time
Chapter 7: The Studies Of The Soul-Winner
Chapter 8: Health
Chapter 9: The Renewing Of Power
Chapter 10: An Undivided Heart
Chapter 11: Finance
Chapter 12: Saving Truth
Chapter 13: Keeping The Flock
Chapter 14: The Soul-Winner And The Children
Chapter 15: The Soul-Winner’s Commission To The Children
Chapter 16: Deal Gently
Chapter 17: “So Spake”
Chapter 18: Importance And Benefits Of Bible Study
Chapter 19: King David’s Use Of His Bible

The Way Of Holiness

Chapter 1: What Is Holiness?
Chapter 2: Why Should We Be Holy?
Chapter 3: How To Get Holiness
Chapter 4: When Can We Be Made Holy?
Chapter 5: Holiness: A Love Service
Chapter 6: Holiness And The Sanctification Of The Body
Chapter 7: Holiness And Unconscious Influence
Chapter 8: Holiness And Humility
Chapter 9: How To Keep Holiness
Chapter 10: Holiness And Zeal For Souls
Chapter 11: Holiness And Worry
Chapter 12: Holiness And Duty
Chapter 13: Holiness And Prayer

Heart Talks On Holiness

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Chapter 1: Death Of ‘The Old Man’
Chapter 2: Holiness: What It Is Not, And What It Is
Chapter 3: Holiness: How To Get It
Chapter 4: Hindrances To Holiness
Chapter 5: The Outcome Of A Clean Heart
Chapter 6: How To Keep A Clean Heart
Chapter 7: Holiness Before The Flood; Or, Do You Walk With God?
Chapter 8: Paul A Pattern
Chapter 9: Testify To The Blessing
Chapter 10: Knowing Jesus
Chapter 11: Freedom From Sin
Chapter 12: Wrestlers With God
Chapter 13: Union With Jesus
Chapter 14: In God’s School
Chapter 15: Holiness And Self-Denial
Chapter 16: Spiritual Power
Chapter 17: Jesus — The Working Man
Chapter 18: The Legacy Of Holiness
Chapter 19: Thanksgiving
Chapter 20: ‘Don’t Flinch’
Chapter 21: Faith Is What You Want
Chapter 22: Practical Lessons Of The Resurrection
Chapter 23: Evil-Speaking
Chapter 24: How To Study The Bible
Chapter 25: How To Prepare For The Meeting
Chapter 26: A Word To You Who Would Be Useful
Chapter 27: Fools For Christ’s Sake

Helps To Holiness

Chapter 1: Holiness — What Is It?
Chapter 2: Holiness — How To Get It
Chapter 3: Hindrances To Obtaining The Blessing
Chapter 4: The Temptations Of A Sanctified Man
Chapter 5: After The Holiness Meeting
Chapter 6: “Fight The Good Fight Of Faith”
Chapter 7: The Heart Of Jesus
Chapter 8: The Secret Of Power
Chapter 9: The Leakage Of Spiritual Power
Chapter 10: The Man God Uses
Chapter 11: Your Own Soul
Chapter 12: Gideon’s Band
Chapter 13: The Chained Ambassador
Chapter 14: Faith: The Grace And The Gift
Chapter 15: Don’t Argue
Chapter 16: Letting The Truth Slip
Chapter 17: If You Have Lost The Blessing — What?
Chapter 18: Soul-Winners And Their Prayers
Chapter 19: Present-Day Witnesses To The Resurrection
Chapter 20: The Radicalism Of Holiness
Chapter 21: Perfect Peace
Chapter 22: Some Of My Experiences In Teaching Holiness
Chapter 23: Another Chance For You!
Chapter 24: Birds Of Prey
Chapter 25: “With Peace Unbroken”
Chapter 26: Sanctification v. Consecration
Chapter 27: Shouting
Chapter 28: Some Of God’s Words To Me

Ancient Prophets

1: The Ancient Prophets
2: Why I Wanted My Wife To Be My Wife
3: The Cost Of Saving Souls
4: ‘Retired’
5: ‘As With Sons’
6: The Seamless Coat Of Jesus
7: Recent Acts Of The Holy Ghost
8: The Special Campaigner
9: Must You Be Fed With A Spoon?
10: First Things First
11: ‘God Is Faithful’
12: The Bible And Religious Experience
13: Whom Do You Trust, Yourself Or Christ?
14: A Word To Those Who Are Growing Old
15: Answering Atheism
16: The Lord’s Own Prayer
17: The Worst Drunkard In Town Got Saved Last Night
18: An Open Letter To A Young Man Seeking Spiritual Help
19: The Mystic Universe In My Back Yard
20: The Frankness Of Jesus
21: Our Mothers — Thoughts For Mother’s Day
22: Jesus Training Paul
23: What About The Future Of The Salvation Army?