Ancient Prophets – By Samuel Brengle


By all classes in our ranks, Commissioner Brengle’s books have been valued for many years, and I welcome this, the latest of his productions, with genuine pleasure.

It will prove of value for various reasons, not the least of which is the incentive which I believe it will be to the reading of the Bible — that book which should occupy the premier position in the library of every Salvationist whether Officer or Soldier.

Much of the success with which the Commissioner’s work as a teacher of practical godliness has met may be ascribed, I am confident, to the place which the Bible occupies in his platform utterances, as well as in the words which from time to time come to us from his pen.

Each and every one of the subjects with which this book deals has a practical bearing upon some aspect of our knowledge of God, and our life and work for Him, and for that reason alone it is of importance to every one of us. That blessing will come to many hearts by the perusal of this little volume I have not a doubt.

I.H.Q., London.

Edward J. Higgins

April, 1929