The Soul-Winner’s Secret – By Samuel Brengle


Like Colonel Brengle’s other books, this new volume from his facile pen is intensely practical. It is a natural sequel to his previous books on holiness. It will be especially welcome to Salvation Army officers and soldiers, who have been taught to regard soul winning as the main business of their lives.

To them the standard here raised will not seem too high, while they will gratefully welcome the faithful warnings that point out the dangers that beset a soul-winner’s pathway.

The volume is, as usual, rich in Bible lore. Chapter and verse in grand profusion are brought forward in support of every proposition.

The testimonies of forefront warriors of the Cross are also welded in with the main line of argument in a way which cannot help but fasten the truth upon the mind.

Many who have hitherto neglected this branch of duty, and have suffered in their own souls as a consequence will surely be inspired by these pages to rise up and make a new start. There is not a piece of advice in the whole book, from cover to cover, that will even tempt the weakest saint to despair, no fancied heights which will appear to be beyond his reach.

Certainly none can read the book without getting a fresh impetus to do and dare for God and souls, and none who carry out these instructions can fail to become in the highest, noblest and most lasting sense, successful soul winners.

F. Booth Tucker