Love-Slaves – By Samuel Brengle


The Message of this Book by Commissioner Brengle has two elements of great value.

It is an encouraging message — calculated to incite us to seek after the highest things. Perhaps it suffers somewhat, as such writings often suffer, by being more or less disconnected, having been written at different times and to meet varying conditions of thought and feeling. Yet through it all there runs the spirit of Hope — Unfailing, undaunted, imperishable — the promise of Light and Blessings and Victories to come. Christ in us the Hope of Glory.

Side by side with this inspiring influence there goes the force and light of Love.

Commissioner Brengle’s previously published works, which have had a wide circulation, always seem to me to mount up to the very sources of Divine Love. And now again in these pages, by whatever route he travels, or by whatever methods of thought he leads us forward, we find — if only we be ready to go with him where love and truth may take us — that we have reached the same goal, and that we are helped to measure our experience by the same high and glorious standard. Love is the fulfilling of the law.

Do not let any one suppose that these pages are addressed to Salvationists only. They have, I am persuaded, a wider message. They speak with that word of confidence and intimacy, and yet of power, which may be received by all who read them, for here are words to clear the thought as well as to strengthen the Will and guide the Heart.


LONDON, July, 1923