26 Jan 2024

UPDATE: The List of Governors Rallying Behind Abbott Grows
As Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to “hold the line” against President Joe Biden and his administration’s attempts to deny the Lone Star State the right to defend itself from the illegal immigrant invasion declared by Abbott, the leaders of other states facing the effects of Biden’s border crisis are standing with him. Abbott has declared that he will not back down in the face of mounting legal harassment from the federal government and defiantly ordered the installation of more razor wire …..

The Pentagon’s latest connect-everything experiment shows progress, chief says
December’s JADC2 experiment produced “a new set of connections across multiple data fabrics and applications,” said DOD’s deputy chief data and artificial intelligence officer. The Pentagon has been conducting a series of “global information dominance experiments,” called GIDE, to help the department become better at sharing information across the enterprise and as part of the larger goal of creating more seamless military communications—an effort it calls “combined joint all-domain command and control,” or JADC2.

Report: Hamas’ leader avoiding IDF
Israeli authorities are increasingly sure that in the current stage of the war, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is mainly concerned with his own survival as opposed to either his organization or followers.

Holocaust survivor: ‘Hamas atrocities many times worse than the Nazis.’
“The murderous Germans were intelligent and gentle. Yona, my husband, carried his brother on the Death March. They would walk at night and rest during the day. He weighed thirty kilos and carried another thirty kilos. If he had put him down, the Germans would not have beaten him, but fired a bullet through him and left him on the side of the road, where someone would collect him and transfer him to a mass grave.” “And if the Arabs ever have the freedom to fulfill themselves, we will miss the good, sterile gases of the Germans.”

Iraqi terror groups put Haifa in their crosshairs
Iraqi terror groups announced that they intend to strike the Haifa port and disrupt shipping traffic to Israel in the Mediterranean Sea, among other things, in response to US strikes.

Amid the war in Gaza: Israel and US sign major arms deal
Israel will receive an additional 50 fighter jets, multiple attack helicopters, and thousands of munitions. It was also reported that the deal has been closed and the planes will be supplied as soon as possible, and will even be taken from the US Military.

Snipers and close-quarters combat | IDF Paratroopers operate in western Khan Yunis
Soldiers from the Paratrooper Brigade Battle Team have expanded their operations and are currently operating in the al-A’mal neighborhood in Khan Yunis. The soldiers are confronting terrorists and eliminating them from close range, raiding terrorist infrastructure, and locating and destroying weapons, mortars, and rockets.

Netanyahu prepares response to ICJ’s genocide verdict
Friday’s ruling is provisional, and a final decision could take years. The premier will hold a meeting at the Israel Defense Forces’ headquarters in Tel Aviv to prepare for the court’s decision regarding South Africa’s genocide charges against Israel in The Hague. There is a possibility that the justices will issue an emergency ruling to cease or restrict the war against Hamas.

IDF creating buffer security zone on Gaza border
The IDF is constructing a one-kilometer (0.63 miles) buffer zone on the Gaza border to prevent future attacks like the Hamas invasion of communities in southern Israel on October 7th, The Wall Street Journal reports. Israel’s military is filling in terror tunnels, demolishing buildings and bulldozing areas to ensure a clear space through which the military can detect any threats that may approach the border with Israel.

50 trucks turned back as protestors block humanitarian aid to Gaza for second day
‘No aid goes through until the last of the hostages returns, don’t supply the enemy,’ said the protesters. For the second day in a row, protestors have blocked the Kerem Shalom Crossing and have prevented humanitarian aid trucks from reaching Gaza.

Israel refusing to give Red Cross information on jailed Hamas terrorists
In a reversal of an earlier decision, The State Attorney announced that it won’t give the International Committee for the Red Cross information it has requested about Hamas terrorists who are currently detained in Israeli prisons, as reported by Maariv. The Red Cross has not provided information to Israel about the condition of the hostages still held in Gaza, and Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir recommended not offering details about incarcerated terrorists.

Hamas chief may keep some Israeli hostages ‘forever,’ warns Israeli security expert
Israeli national security adviser believes that Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar will never let all the hostages go in a deal with Israel in order to protect himself, NBC News reported Wednesday. Jacob Nagel, who served in the position for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2016-2017, told the media outlet that “He’ll keep some of the hostages forever because this will be his insurance policy that no one will kill him.”

World powers push for creation of Palestinian state
At the United Nations’ quarterly meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian file on Tuesday, UN member states pressed Israel to advance the creation of a Palestinian state. António Guterres told ambassadors and foreign ministers in attendance that any refusal to accept a two-state solution “must be firmly rejected.”

King Saul’s Failure and Bibi’s Decision: The Future of Gaza
Last fall, soon after Bibi Netanyahu was elected to his fifth term as prime minister, journalist Bari Weiss asked him to name his favorite biblical character. Netanyahu replied with a fascinating answer: “King Saul. He was tragic.” Left-wingers who have spent decades trying unsuccessfully to defeat Bibi laughed at his response, predicting he would end up just like King Saul, who tragically died in battle. But the truth is that Bibi’s kinship with King Saul runs far deeper than they realize.

70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots beginning in mid-2021
former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland shared the result of his survey of embalmers, who reported sharp upticks in fibrous clots, micro-clotting and infant deaths from mid-2021 following the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Oregon Democrats consider recriminalizing drug use as overdose deaths continue to surge
Oregon Democrats are backtracking on their support for the decriminalization of drugs after the past several years have not produced the promised results. State Senate Majority Leader Kate Lieber has new legislation that will “recriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs as a low-level misdemeanor, enabling police to confiscate them and crack down on their use on sidewalks and in parks,” according to the Associated Press. “It also aims to make it easier to prosecute dealers,

When is the last generation?
The history of the world and mankind is about 6,000 years. The Bible – the written record of God’s Word – gives us information from the Creation up until the time of the Flood in Noah’s day, about 1,656 years after, that cannot be known otherwise by whatever historical records and archeology there might have been since the Flood would have destroyed them. (Similarly, Jewish people today – including some false Messiahs – cannot trace their Israeli tribal lineage back before the destruction of the Second Temple, because the records kept there were destroyed in the fire.)

State of emergency declared in Santander and Cundinamarca as fires ravage Colombian forests 
Colombia has declared a state of emergency in Santander and Cundinamarca, including the capital Bogota, as dozens of forest fires consume about 600 ha (1 483 acres) of land, fueled by record temperatures linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon.

Religious ‘Nones’ are now the largest single group in the U.S.
When asked about their religious identity, 29% of respondents said they had “none,” meaning they were atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular,” according to the Pew Research Center survey. Most are under 50 and are liberal Democrats.

War? 25 Red States Rally ‘Round Texas As Battle Brews With Biden Over Border
A coalition of red states has rallied around Texas, after Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s constitutional right to self-defense due to the migrant crisis, which he deemed an ‘invasion.’

Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum is the worst source of disinformation in the world.  Even the name is disinformation as it is not a world forum representing the world.  It is a group of stupid American and European corporate executives who have been conned by Klaus Schwab, the world’s worst ego-manic, into believing that you don’t count until you are a member and devote of the WEF.

Stop Growing Food and Fishing. It’s ECOCIDE
“Ecocide” was the term coined to recognize environmental destruction as an act of war.  Britain’s Jojo Mehta made headlines in alternative news recently after her speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, where she stated that ecocide needs to become a punishable offense and included farming and fishing.

Hal Turner Radio Show – The Union, that is the “United States,” is Rupturing – Texas is now Empowered to “Levy War”
The Union, which is the “United States,” has begun to physically rupture under the criminal, traitorous, and illegitimate Biden Presidency.  Texas has declared it is being “Invaded,” and other state Governors are now entering into Compacts with Texas to repel that invasion.  As of today, 25 January 2024, the map below shows the states that are rupturing and coming to the aid of Texas.

Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania… Farmers All Over Europe Take a Stand Against Crippling ‘Green’ Policies
The European continent is in turmoil, plagued by a multitude of self-inflicted maladies coming from the insane, failed globalist policies pushed by the EU: unchecked mass migration, unemployment, economic stagnation, LGBTQ lunacy, and – of course – the crippling climate alarmist ‘green’ regulations.

Florida teacher among 123 arrested in undercover human trafficking sting: ‘Abhorrent’
A Florida human trafficking police force arrested 123 people over the last three months in an undercover operation. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office’s Human Trafficking Squad apprehended online predators and prostitution solicitors through Operation Renewed Hope.

Report: South African Banks Provide Funding for Hamas
Major South African banks are providing funding for the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group, according to an investigative report Wednesday in the Jerusalem Post that also names a former Muslim community leader as a key figure in the financing operation.

Jordan: New shawarma restaurant named after massacre
A new shawarma and meat restaurant has opened in the city of Al-Karak in southern Jordan, named after the October 7 massacre. Jordanian media reported that the restaurant’s name is “an expression of appreciation of the Palestinian goals.”

2024 ‘X’ Solar Eclipse: Coincidence Or Final Warning?
What’s likely to become the biggest travel event during 2024 in America? Some might think it would be the Super Bowl or another sporting event such as the Indianapolis 500. However, according to the Washington Post, it will be the solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. on April 8, 2024.

Why Has The Number Of Measles Cases Been Rising So Rapidly All Over The World?
Have you noticed that stories about measles have been popping up in the news a lot lately?  At first I didn’t pay much attention, but then I decided to look into what is going on, and I was quite alarmed by what I found.  At one time measles was a disease that was on the verge of being totally defeated, but now it is back with a vengeance.  According to the World Health Organization, the number of measles cases in Europe in 2023 was 45 times higher than it was in 2022…

Sunak Faces Pressure Over Shocking ‘War Crime’ Video 
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been questioned over an ITV News video which shows a civilian being shot dead while waving a white flag in Gaza. The shocking images have sparked war crime accusations, and Sunak was challenged to give his reaction on Wednesday. ITV News at ten.

Is NASA’s ‘Temperatures Are Rising’ graph evidence of global warming or evidence of widespread fraud?
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair This statement holds particularly true in the field of climate science, says Tony Heller.

Calls for King Charles III’s representative in Canada to resign after court rules in favour of Freedom Convoy protestors 
On Tuesday, The Federal Court of Canada ruled the decision to use the War Measures (Emergencies) Act to respond to the Freedom Convoy was unreasonable and excessive, validating the claims made in a lawsuit brought by various civil liberties groups.

Dutch Queen Máxima’s popularity dwindles as she markets Digital IDs and CBDCs
The once hugely popular Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is falling into disgrace with the Dutch public. Since October 2022, she has been making the rounds in international conferences and meetings to promote a totalitarian means of coercion, casually praising central bank digital currencies (“CBDCs”) and digital identities (“IDs”).

Scottish farmers’ protest: “Farmers are getting pushed to the limit – We’ve had enough”
In the Scottish countryside, the rallying cry “It’s happening” echoes as farmers join the wave of protests happening across Europe. Their grievances are diverse, but the common thread is dissatisfaction with the status quo.

‘Lord Ram Has Arrived’: Indian PM Modi Leads the Consecration of the New Grand Temple, as Hindu Religious Fervor Sweeps the Country
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the consecration ceremony.  He chanted Hindu religious verses, placed flower petals at the feet of the ancient Ram idol.