25 Jan 2024

Arizona GOP Chair Resigns After Kari Lake Threatens “More Damaging” Recording
One day after the Daily Mail published a leaked recording of Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit trying to bribe Trump ally Kari Lake to stay out of politics for two years, DeWit resigned. a few hours ago, I received an ultimatum from Lake’s team: resign today or face the release of a new, more damaging recording. I am truly unsure of its contents, but considering our numerous past open conversations as friends, I have decided not to take the risk. I am resigning as Lake requested, “There are very powerful people who want to keep you out,” he can be heard telling her in a conversation recorded last March.

Ohio lawmakers ban gender-affirming care for minors, overriding veto
Ohio’s Republican-dominated Senate voted on Wednesday to ban gender-affirming care for minors and prohibit transgender athletes from competing on girls’ and women’s sports teams, overriding a veto and finalizing the measures as law.

Supreme Court declines to halt first US nitrogen-gas execution in Alabama case
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to halt Alabama from proceeding with the nation’s first execution using nitrogen gas to carry out the death penalty on convicted murderer Kenneth Smith, who survived a botched lethal injection in 2022 that helped prompt a review of the state’s death penalty procedures.

When Churches Dismiss Bible Prophecy… They Do So To Their Own Detriment
Although prophecy constitutes almost one-third of the Bible, its importance is constantly downplayed by those who dismiss it as having no practical significance or by those who object to it on the grounds that it is a “fad” that takes people’s eyes off Jesus. Such cavalier dismissals of Bible prophecy fly in the face of scriptures like Revelation 19:10 which says that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Thus, if prophecy is properly taught, there is no reason for it to divert anyone’s attention away from Jesus. In fact, it should serve to emphasize the centrality of Jesus.

US remains quiet on Iran’s efforts to resupply Houthis military capabilities after strikes
The Pentagon joined the White House on Tuesday in remaining elusive about Iran’s efforts to resupply the Houthis after the US says it successfully destroyed much of the group’s military capabilities. However, the Pentagon says the Houthis still maintain some military capability and additional strikes against US targets are not out of the question.

Defense Minister Gallant: ‘Hamas is in great distress, we will reach our goal’
Minister Yoav Gallant visited soldiers of the 969th Battalion of the Northern Brigade and told them that Gazans understand that what happened in the north will happen in Rafah as well.
“Hamas is in great distress, it doesn’t have enough ammunition, men, there are no reserves, it can’t investigate, tend to its wounded, rule – all of these things are in big trouble.

Huge majority of Americans back Israel in Gaza war
The Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, conducted among 2,346 registered U.S. voters on January 17 and 18 and released Monday, revealed that support for Israel in the fight has held steady since last month’s survey, at a whopping 80%. Backing that number, 74% of those surveyed believed Hamas would like to commit genocide against the Jews in Israel. Three quarters also said the October 7 Hamas massacre of 1,200 people and kidnapping of another 250 civilians could not be justified by any Palestinian grievances towards Israel.

Reports of Hamas openness to new hostage deal are false
An Israeli official has dismissed reports that Hamas has softened its stance in negotiations over the release of additional hostages being held by the terrorist group in Gaza. “The publications are a fake. The opposite is true. There is a hardening of positions. Hamas is climbing high on the tree,” the official told Channel 12 on Wednesday,

A Great Awakening: Israel’s Next Generation
I couldn’t help but notice that the vast majority of Christians who support Israel are older. I asked the group’s pastor about the younger generation of American Christians. “Will they also support Israel?” With a pained expression, he said, “We’re not confident that America will make it, that America will be there in the end. We’re a country that no longer loves the Bible and God’s word. There are no guarantees.” America is suffering from a “falling away” crisis of epic proportions, … Perhaps that day is coming sooner than we think.

No better enemy
Seven years ago this month, then-Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged that the $150 billion in sanctions relief the Obama administration was providing to Iran’s rulers would—to a greater or lesser extent—fund terrorism. The dollars the United States put into the pockets of Iran’s rulers has been spent to supply weapons to Hamas, Hezbollah, Shi’ite militias in Iraq and Syria and the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Outside the region, Iran’s rulers are providing armed drones to Vladimir Putin, which he’s using to slaughter Ukrainians.

‘We will continue to fight,’ vows IDF chief following incident in which 21 Israeli soldiers killed
“The State of Israel woke up this morning to a difficult and painful announcement: 21 dead,” Halevi said on Tuesday. “The best sons of this country, who volunteered to protect the home and paid the most expensive price,” Halevi said. The IDF chief offered his condolences to the families of the fallen IDF soldiers.

Senior Hamas official says Oct. 7 massacres revived goal of eradicating Israel
Qatar-based Hamas senior leader, Khaled Mashaal, has dismissed any internationally backed two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. … Mashaal boasted that Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacres of more than 1,200 Israelis “revived that dream” of wiping Israel off the map. The top Hamas terrorist noted with satisfaction that the genocidal slogan “from the river to sea” was currently being chanted by “American students and in European capitals.”

German ecumenical pro-LGBT group admits to having promoted pedophilia in the past
A German ecumenical pro-LGBT group admitted to having been influenced by a criminal pedophile and promoting a positive view of pedophilia. The group “Homosexuals and Church” (HuK) published a statement titled “Reappraisal of the HuK’s stance on pedosexuality since 1977,” in which the group acknowledges that it had a positive attitude toward pedophilia and was heavily influenced by Professor Helmut Kentler, who turned out to be the mastermind behind state-sponsored pedophile network in Berlin.

Tropical Storm “Candice” forms just north of Mauritius, bringing very heavy rainfall
Tropical Storm “Candice” formed close to Mauritius around 08:00 UTC on January 24, 2024, as the third named storm of the 2023/24 South-West Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season. Candice is currently a quasi-stationary system with its center located just north of Mauritius.

Tropical Cyclone “Kirrily” forecast to make landfall over Queensland as Category 2 system 
Tropical Cyclone “Kirrily” — currently a Category 1 system — is set to intensify and make landfall in Queensland, Australia, on January 25, 2024, as a Category 2 cyclone, with damaging winds and heavy rainfall expected.

‘No cash accepted’ signs are bad news for millions of Americans 
How many people don’t have a bank account? And just how difficult has it become to live without one? These questions are becoming increasingly important as more businesses refuse to take cash in cities across the U.S. People without bank accounts are shut out from stores and restaurants that refuse to accept cash.

Top UK General Says Civilians Will Have To Be Conscripted Into a ‘Citizen’s Army’ To Fight Major War Against Russia
The war-mongering in Europe has gone into overdrive, with military chiefs sounding the alarm to ‘imaginary wars’, trying to drum up support for Ukraine and to hypercharge Russophobia as the patience of the citizens in general with this conflict narrative has greatly diminished.

Christian rally at Knesset in solidarity with Israel 
Scores of Christian supporters from around the world gathered in Israel’s parliament on Tuesday, marking the 20th anniversary of the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus in a show of solidarity amid the war against Hamas in Gaza.

Kim Jong-un & Putin vow to form ‘New World Order’ in chilling warning to West as tyrants ramp up united front against US
KIM Jong-un and Vladimir Putin have sent a chilling warning to the West as they vowed to form a “New World Order”. North Korea said it has agreed to further strategic and tactical cooperation with Russia as both countries ramp up a united front against the United States.

Maersk Warns “Significant Disruptions To Global Shipping Network” As Red Sea Attacks Persist 
President Biden’s second week of military strikes against Iran-backed Houthi anti-ship missile bases and continued attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea by the rebels have raised serious concerns about supply bottlenecks jeopardizing global growth.

California LGBTQ center director arrested in multi-agency child sex-ring operation
The Director of the Rainbow Resource Center of Modesto was arrested among 17 other men in a multi-agency sting operation targeting men for allegedly eliciting sex from minors according to a report from the Modesto Bee.

US Launches Airstrikes In Somalia For First Time This Year
The US launched airstrikes in Somalia on January 21, US Africa Command announced on Tuesday, marking the first known US bombing of the country in 2024. AFRICOM said in a press release that the strikes consisted of two separate engagements against al-Shabaab about 20 miles northeast of Kismayo, a port city in southern Somalia. The command said the strikes were launched at the request of the US-backed Mogadishu-based government.

Increasing Psychopathic Behavior Is A Sign That Society Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down
Discussions on collapse often turn to signs and signals – The economy, politics and social tensions have become increasingly unstable for many years now, and much like adding more and more weight to a man standing on a frozen lake, eventually the ice is going to break.  The question is, how do we know when that moment will be?

Iran Executed Its Farthest Ballistic Missile Strike Ever With New Weapon
Iran used its new Kheiber Shekan medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) for the first time Monday when it struck what it claimed was a “terrorist facility” in Syria’s Idlib province. The attack was one of three Iran carried out in three countries over the past two days. Iran also attacked what it claimed was an Israeli Mossad facility in Erbil on Monday and what it claimed were “terrorist” sites in an unprecedented attack in Pakistan on Tuesday. While they all seem to have had their own objectives, they clearly serve as a timely demonstration of Iran’s ability to execute precision ballistic missile strikes close to and far beyond its borders.

Physicians org disbars Canadian doctor for three months after ‘misgendering’ a biological woman 
A Canadian doctor has been banned from practicing medicine for three months for telling the truth about basic biology regarding a patient’s birth sex after the Quebec College of Physicians disbarred him for what they claimed was him misgendering a biological woman transgender patient who wanted testosterone injections.

New cartoon show ‘Hazbin Hotel’ praises Lucifer, demonizes ‘Heaven’ 
Amazon Video released an animated adult show on Friday called Hazbin Hotel, which praises “Lucifer” and perversely demonizes “Heaven” and “angels” without mentioning God. The series has been widely praised by critics and viewers alike, signaling today’s rampant moral and spiritual confusion.

“It is Not Hate Speech, Just Because They Don’t Like it,” says Elon. But Elon Can Tell You What Hate Speech is
Elon Musk recorded a message for Twitter this morning concerning the Irish “hate speech bill” “This thing we should be concerned about is if the Irish Parliament passes a bill that defines hate speech as whatever they think hate speech is, people should be extremely concerned about that. You’re just at the mercy of the ruling party and whatever bureaucrats they put in place and they can just define something that really is not hate speech as hate speech just because they don’t like it.” But is Musk guilty of the same?

How fact-checkers and anti-disinformation campaigns restrict freedom of speech in the “Global Boiling Era”
Historically, freedom of speech has been restricted through direct coercion.  But today, this is being done in more subtle ways: “fact-checkers,” governments pressurizing social media companies to censor, anti-disinformation campaigns and “hate speech” laws. The insidious restrictions have got so bad that in some European countries, people have become fearful of expressing their views.

Polio vaccines introduced RSV into populations and now Pfizer’s RSV vaccines carry health risks
It has been known for a long time that polio vaccines contained a monkey virus called the coryza virus, which was later renamed respiratory syncytial virus (“RSV”). In humans, RSV causes mild, cold-like symptoms but may be severe in a small number of people, especially in infants and older adults. Since August last year, regulators in Western countries have approved Pfizer’s RSV vaccine for use in pregnant mothers that increases the risk of pre-term birth, which carries risks of short and long-term health complications for the baby.”