27 Jan 2024

Texas ‘prepared’ for standoff with Biden; 10 states send troops, law enforcement to border
Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday that ten states have already sent National Guard troops or other law enforcement members to the southern border to aid Texas in the face of growing pressure from President Joe Biden’s administration to allow Border Patrol agents to remove razor-wire barriers the state installed to deter illegal immigrants from pouring into the state.

Joe Biden Launches A Terrifying First 2024 Campaign Rally In Virginia, Demanding He Be Reelected On The Shed Blood Of Dead Babies In The Womb
We live in a day and age where America domestic policy has much more in common with Adolf Hitler and eugenics than it does with anything else. The Democrats and Joe Biden … want America to know that they want ‘4 more years’ based on their ability to deliver dead babies in the womb. With a cry of ‘Restore Roe!’,

Israel to attend summit to reach ‘breakthrough’ in Hamas negotiations
Sources familiar with the matter said that there’s still no outline for a potential deal: “There are no additional details because there’s still no point from which to begin opening negotiations. There are still no conditions that allow for talks,” they said. According to the sources, Hamas’ conditions are unacceptable to Israel, and the terror group is seeking conditions that won’t allow for negotiations to begin.

IDF strikes Hezbollah airbase in Lebanon
As IDF continues to operate in the Gaza Strip, terrorists continue to launch missiles at Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon.

‘Extremely troubled’ by allegations 12 UNRWA staff took part in Oct. 7 attack, US suspends funding
The United States is suspending additional funding to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East temporarily as it reviews charges that 12 UNRWA employees took part in Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel. “The United States is extremely troubled by the allegations,” stated Matthew Miller, the U.S. State Department spokesman. Miller added that the United States is reviewing “the steps the United Nations is taking to address them.”

‘Our just war will continue until victory’
“Israel’s commitment to international law is unwavering. Equally unwavering is our sacred commitment to continue to defend our country and defend our people.” “The charge of genocide leveled against Israel is not only false, it’s outrageous, and decent people everywhere should reject it.”

Ambassador Erdan: The UN is weaponized to physically exterminate us
Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, and other members of Israel’s UN delegation, on Friday donned a yellow Star of David with the words “October 7th” during the UN ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In his speech at the ceremony, Erdan commented on the investigation that was launched by UNRWA, the UN agency for “Palestinian refugees”, into alleged participation by its employees in Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel. “How symbolic is it that on International Holocaust Remembrance Day it was exposed that UNRWA employees took part in the massacre? The UN is not only weaponized to delegitimize our existence, but also to physically exterminate us,”

Hamas cites ‘red cows’ to justify October 7th massacres of Israelis
Hamas’ chief spokesman, said during a televised statement last week marking the 100th day since the October 7th invasion that Hamas launched the attacks in response to Israeli “aggression” against “our path and Al Aqsa” – a reference to the mosque on the Temple Mount – as well as Israel’s “bringing of red cows.”

Tucker Carlson’s passionate speeches in Alberta cause Liberal Party meltdown
Following Tucker Carlson’s speeches in Calgary and Edmonton which drew in thousands of Canadians, cabinet ministers of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party seemed to meltdown in front of the press while calling for the conservative pundit to be censored.
“This is not a political debate to which you’ve been invited to participate in,” Carlson charged. “This is a destruction of you and your culture and your beliefs and your children and your future as a country.”

Navy warship joins massive NATO exercise
In the same year that marks NATO’s 75th anniversary, the USS Gunston Hall, a Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship, departed Norfolk on January 24, kicking off a NATO exercise years in the making. Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 is expected to take months to complete, includes approximately 90,000 service members, utilizes 50 naval assets and 1,100 combat vehicles, and involves 31 allies plus Sweden.

Israel’s Reputation Takes A Hit In World Court Genocide Case
The Hague-based court has ordered Israel to take all measures capable to prevent acts of Genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but it stopped short of ordering a ceasefire.
The interim ruling will of course remain merely symbolic as the World Court has no power …

Supreme Court Moving Fast In Trump Ballot Disqualification Case, Written Opinion Coming
The U.S. Supreme Court has signaled that it’s moving fast with former President Donald Trump’s appeal that seeks to overturn the Colorado Supreme Court ruling barring him from the ballot on 14th Amendment grounds. A note accompanying the U.S. Supreme Court’s schedule for Feb. 8, the day the high court is set to hear the first oral arguments in the case, indicates that it intends to announce written opinions on the very same day.

“There’s No Voting Ourselves Out Of This” – Restoration Through Catastrophe
“When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” – Frederic Bastiat
There is no voting ourselves out of this.

Biden Set To Announce New LNG Export Ban After White House Met With Gen-Z Climate Warrior
Global warming warriors in the White House plan to announce a new strategy later today: freeze new export permits for liquified natural gas (LNG) until the Department of Energy (DoE) can figure out climate impacts.

Microsoft layoffs: 1,900 workers at Activision Blizzard and Xbox to be let go
Microsoft will lay off 1,900 employees at Activision Blizzard and Xbox, the latest tech company to announce cuts so far in 2024. The layoffs represent about an 8% cut of its video gaming staff of 22,000 workers … The planned cuts are part of a larger “execution plan” that would reduce “areas of overlap,” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer wrote in an internal memo, which was quoted in multiple news reports.

Category 2 Tropical Cyclone “Kirrily” makes landfall between Townsville and Ingham, Queensland 
Tropical Cyclone “Kirrily” made landfall in Queensland, Australia at 22:00 local time (11:00 UTC) on January 25, 2024, with maximum sustained winds of 143 km/h (89 mph) — Category 2 cyclone on the Australian scale.

A month’s worth of rain in 3 days triggers dangerous flash flooding in Texas and Louisiana
A multi-day deluge of rainfall across the South created dangerous and life-threatening flooding in parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi this week.

Doomsday Clock Update – The Globalists Keep Warning Us that an Emergency is Imminent
On the heels of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting of the globalist power players, where we were treated to news of a possible pandemic with a fatality rate 20 times that of COVID-19, the globalists are giving us a fresh warning.

International Court of Justice Orders Israel to Prevent Acts of Genocide in Gaza
Today, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to take measures to prevent and punish direct incitement of genocide in its ongoing war in Gaza. “The state of Israel shall (..) take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of all acts within the scope of Article II of the genocide convention,” the ICJ said. This was the World Court’s interim ruling, in a case brought by South Africa on December 29th 2023, against Israel before the ICJ, accusing it of “genocidal acts” in its military campaign in Gaza and public hearings on South Africa’s request were held on January 11th and 12th.

Great Replacement: Former German Spy Chief Warns of Deliberately Engineered Suicidal Mass Immigration and Islamization of Europe 
“They (referring to politicians and powerful individuals) oppose white people and contend that those with light skin should atone for perceived historical injustices by replacing the current population.” – Hans-Georg Maaßen, former head of German domestic intelligence agency (the BfV).

Department of Defense Inks $235.8 Million Contract for Anthrax Vaccines
Biopharmaceutical company Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) signed a massive $235.8 million contract with the Department of Defense to supply the U.S. military with its BioThrax anthrax vaccine. Yahoo Finance reported the Biothrax anthrax vaccine is expected to be used by all branches of the U.S. military.

The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week
On Wednesday the US Navy attempted to escort two US owned and flagged container carriers through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait into the Red Sea, but they turned around after coming under Houthi ballistic missile fire.

British Oil Tanker Carrying Russian Naphta On Fire In The Red Sea After Houthi Missile Strike
The British fuel tanker operated on behalf of trading giant Trafigura, was on fire after it was struck by a missile as it transited the Red Sea, in the most significant attack yet by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on an oil-carrying vessel.

Nationwide Bus Tour Collecting Stories From People Injured by Vaccines and Covid Shots 
A 42-foot-long bus is driving across the United States gathering stories from everyday Americans about vaccine-related injuries and deaths. The non-profit organization behind the tour, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is providing a platform through the “Vax-Unvax” bus tour for Americans to contribute to a project they dub “The People’s Study.”

NIH Bankrolled Chinese Scientist Who Mapped SARS-CoV-2 Two Weeks Before China Told World About COVID 
A Chinese researcher with ties to China’s government and military — and to Dr. Anthony Fauci — mapped the genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 and submitted it to a U.S. government database in December 2019, two weeks before the virus’ sequence was officially revealed.

Excess deaths in the UK are being caused by circulatory issues
A study cited in the UK press found that the excess deaths are primarily due to circulatory issues, not COVID. Thanks to the work of John Beaudoin, we know the COVID vaccine caused circulatory deaths.

The Inventor of Lipid Nanoparticles Knew the mRNA Would Not Stay in Your Arm, but They Could Not Let The Public Know
For more than four decades, they have been aware that the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) used in vaccines wouldn’t remain confined to the injection site. In reality, this was never their intention. Their objective was for the ‘vaccine’ to circulate throughout the body, allowing some of it to reach the lymph nodes. This way, dendritic cells at the lymph nodes were more likely to correctly interpret the mRNA instructions.

Researchers urge governments to endorse a global moratorium on mRNA injections in a newly released science paper
In a paper published on Wednesday, researchers re-analysed the Pfizer covid “vaccine” phase 3 trial data and found more serious adverse events among those in the vaccine group…Adding, “Numerous SAEs were identified following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), including death, cancer, cardiac events, and various autoimmune, haematological, reproductive, and neurological disorders.”

Tucker Carlson Criticizes Canada’s Assisted-Suicide Program During Calgary Event, Calls it “Genocide”
On Wednesday, in a packed conference hall at the Telus Convention Center, American political commentator Tucker Carlson took the stage alongside Alberta Premier Danielle Smith in a highly anticipated event that was attended by a diverse group of local businessmen, political figures, and supporters.

Religious Leaders Join UN, WEF To Push the Global Climate Agenda
The globalist agencies are now welcoming help from religious leaders fighting climate change, one of the 17 U.N. sustainable development goals for 2030. But some religious leaders are alarmed by their colleagues’ involvement in the climate debate. “I think this is a dangerous agenda, and it keeps the church from doing what its primary calling is, and that is to win people to faith in Jesus Christ,” Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas,

This Is The End
In his latest video, Dr. Vernon Coleman describes the dirty tricks used to make life miserable and difficult for both him and his wife. “What’s happened to us is significant because it shows, quite vividly, how desperate they are to suppress the truth about the fake pandemic, about the flu known as covid, about vaccines and about their terrifying plan,” he said. “The enemy will do anything to suppress the truth.”