23 Oct 2023

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American mendacity.

That’s what’s on my mind this week.

After watching Caroline Glick’s video this week about Joe Biden’s sudden hankering to visit Israel, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s virtual moving to Israel—followed by the next visit from Great Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (we’re a long way from Winston Churchill)—one can only conclude that the West’s intention is to hamstring Israel in its existential war with Hamas.

Our government actually wants to delay and hopefully permanently shelve Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza. At the same time Israel has no choice but to launch such an operation.

This disgusts me. Biden’s illegitimate team, which strengthens its stranglehold on America, actually sat in on an Israeli war cabinet meeting! Unbelievable.

According to Glick, the American regime is placing strings on aid to Israel, including the much-needed munitions and military hardware necessary for a protracted conflict with Hamas and probably Hezbollah.

This is sick. Sicker still is the condition attached that Israel allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. You might think I’m harsh, but my question is: why is the international community concerned about that and not concerned at all about the 1,400 Israelis slaughtered by Hamas?

I’ll tell you what I think: only a tiny percentage of the earth’s population cares about the Jews. Many hate them. It’s where we are.

Tucker Carlson, who has shown himself since October 7 as being not so keen on Israel, interviewed Vivek Ramaswamy, still apparently a Republican candidate for president. The 30is business tycoon showed himself to be an amateur in discussing Israel’s peril.

Carlson asked what he would suggest for a strategy. Incredibly, Ramaswamy said the IDF should kill “100” members of Hamas (“the ones responsible for the murders”), then settle into some kind of internationally backed squishy “plan” to manage Gaza.

Is he out of his mind? Hamas sent 1,000 terrorist murderers into Israel on October 7. What hundred is Ramaswamy talking about? Further, he thinks Israel should make it a priority to severely limit civilian casualties. In essence, he thinks Israel has few options.

Carlson just kept nodding, frowning.

Neither has any clue of the situation in Israel, and frankly, I’m disappointed in Carlson. Interviewing Ramaswamy for his thoughts on strategy for Israel vs. Hamas? Why not just bring on your nephew, or gardener or mechanic and ask their opinion?

Next, broadcaster Hugh Hewitt, whom I stopped listening to in the week following the stolen 2020 election—because he thinks people like me are conspiracy rubes—has interviewed people like General David Petraeus, who also thinks Israel is basically in a no-win situation.

I can’t quite figure out Hewitt; he seems to me to be a Deep Stater, a guy most comfortable with the Washington Establishment (he can’t quit interviewing leftists like Chuck Todd, a know-nothing windbag if there ever was one), but I now wonder if he’s just extremely naïve.

The defeatism in the West, pitted against mendacity of the West (seen most obviously in the Biden team’s loathing of Israel, fortified by the loathing by Canada’s totalitarian Trudeau) is setting the stage for one of the very most fascinating end-times prophecies.

For years I have wondered how in the world Israel could end up alone and friendless, such as outlined in Jeremiah 30:14 and the latter chapters of Zechariah. Now we see.

In the first few days after the Hamas horror show of October 7, several major countries issued statements that sounded very good and supportive of Israel. They said Israel had a right to defend herself, with no restraints.

But they didn’t mean it. They really didn’t. It was statecraft. It was propaganda. It was lies.

It was obvious that after the first Palestinian, or Gaza poodle or pet parakeet was killed as collateral damage from Israeli strikes, the world would turn against Israel and accuse the Jewish state of war crimes. Unreal. Truly we live in the time talked about by Isaiah (5:20).

And so it has. Now, it is true that Israel still has allies such as Hungary and the Marshall Islands, but I am of the opinion that officially, all the superpowers are against her.

This is setting the stage for the moment near the end when we see Jeremiah come to fulfillment. Remember, because governments gaslight their citizens, when Blinken vows that America will always stand with Israel no matter what, what he really means is that the Regime in Washington would stand with Israel for about 45 minutes on October 8. After that, Jewish efforts to survive in Israel are simply beyond the pale. Especially, the American response to Israel’s predicament is insidious. There are Jew-haters all through our government institutions and the occupant of the Oval Office permits pro-Hamas fiends to overtake college campuses, the Senate building, and many other places across the country.

Truly, the stage is being set for all these prophecies to be fulfilled. I kept telling myself we had more time.

I am sickened by Washington. I am sickened by the betrayals of Israel. I am most sickened by the anti-Semitic filth I’ve seen from professing Christians in the past two weeks. It’s one thing to read and believe the prophetic scriptures. It’s quite another to live through them.

All the while, as Israel is being pushed more toward true peril, we know that God has them (and us) on exactly the timetable He wants and set from time immemorial. I take comfort in that. I know He will rescue His People, and vanquish their enemies.

Let us pray.









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