21 Jun 2023

Tropical Storm Bret Could Become Hurricane, Threatening Eastern Caribbean
TS Bret has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. It “could become a hurricane in a couple of days,” NHC said. If that happens, it would be the first hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season and the second named storm.

Girl Scouts Encouraged To Earn Rainbow Patch By Reading LGBT Books, Attending ‘Pride Parade’
Girl Scouts as young as kindergarten age can earn a rainbow-striped “fun patch” by celebrating Pride Month through activities such as drawing, creating an LGBTQ+ music playlist, or attending a Gay Pride parade.

Chinese military training facility in Cuba in the works just 100 miles from US shores:
China and Cuba are working together to negotiate a new joint military training facility, sparking major concerns that Chinese troops could be stationed less than 100 miles from U.S. shores. If the facility is built, the two countries will likely run joint training drills.

Submersibles Expert Thinks He Knows What Happened to Missing Vessel: ‘Deeply Worrisome’
“The pressure down there at 4,000 meters is pretty high. About 5,800 [pounds per square inch] at Titanic depth. If they had any kind of leak, it would lead to an implosion, and it would happen in an instant, very immediately. You wouldn’t even know it happened,” he said.

BBC Radio 4 promotes witchcraft for ‘personal growth’
The BBC has told listeners to “embrace” pagan rituals and spells in a radio series promoting the use of witchcraft in the UK. India Rakusen, who presents BBC Radio 4’s ‘Witch’, spoke to those who identify as witches and joined in their practices. Rakusen attempted to normalise pagan “sabbats” by equating them with societal events such as “baby showers, stag dos, football chants and dinner party speeches”.

San Francisco Megachurch Targets Children With “Drag Queen Bible Story Hour”
The most troubling thing about the Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon, now popping up all around the world, isn’t that it’s merely lost people acting like lost people. Rather, it’s that it masquerades as something good—they claim it’s all about love and acceptance—when, in reality, it’s leading our kids down a twisted path, far away from the God who created them and right into the hands of Satan

CUNY Faculty Union Endorses Brooklyn Councilman Who Called Gaza Strip ‘Death Camp’
The sole public sector union representing City University of New York (CUNY) professors has endorsed the reelection campaign of New York City Council member Charles Barron (D), who for years has been accused by lawmakers and advocacy groups from across the ideological spectrum of promoting antisemitism and associating with antisemitic hate groups.

Russian agents attempted assassination of CIA informant in US
This attempted assassination on American soil adds to the growing list of accusations against Russia regarding assassinations abroad.

Five killed in blast, fire at Russian gunpowder plant
An explosion and fire at a gunpowder factory in Russia’s central Tambov region killed five people on Tuesday, TASS news agency quoted the regional Investigative Committee as saying.

US leads 27 nations in castigating an anti-Israel UN commission
The United States issued a joint statement Tuesday on behalf of 27 countries, saying they are “deeply concerned” about a United Nations commission accused of bias against Israel and populated with members with histories of antisemitism.

At least four Israelis dead, four wounded in West Bank terror attack
At least four people were killed, and four others injured in a terror attack that took place Tuesday afternoon in the northern part of the West Bank. Among the wounded, one 20-year-old man is in critical condition, two moderate and another in light. “My brother outflanked the terrorist and shot him 10 bullets until he fell down,”

Texas pro-lifers buy former abortion facility, turn it into parenting support center
A former abortion mill in Texas has been converted into a pro-life parenting assistance thanks to the efforts of area pro-lifers. The Pillar and Texas Right to Life detail the story of McAllen Pregnancy Center (MPC), which for years has operated near the McAllen location of the notorious Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) abortion chain. Now closed,

Back-to-back earthquakes shake Southern Colorado
Two earthquakes shook towns in Southern Colorado on Monday morning, only five minutes and seven miles apart, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. At 8:13 a.m., the USGS recorded a 3.8 magnitude earthquake near El Moro, The USGS recorded a second earthquake just five minutes later. The 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit seven miles north of El Moro

Mississippi tornado claims a life, causes widespread damage amid record southern heat
Severe storms, including reported tornadoes, have wrought havoc in Jasper County, Mississippi, resulting in one fatality and 18 injuries, while the South contends with record-high temperatures.

Breaking: Actor Jim Caviezel Implicates US Agencies in Child Sex Trafficking and Worse
Actor Jim Caviezel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday evening. Caviezel, who is most famous for his role of Jesus in The Passion of Christ, went on the War Room to promote his upcoming film “Sound of Freedom” by Angel Studios. The film is based on a true story that exposes the darkness of child trafficking.

Young Adult ‘Magic’ Mushroom Use Nearly Doubles in 3 Years
The use of “magic” mushrooms by young adults has nearly doubled in three years along with other hallucinogenic drugs.

New Zealand ‘Equity Adjustor Score’ Asks Surgeons to Prioritize Non-White Patients
Surgeons in Auckland, New Zealand, are expressing discomfort with a new policy that requires them to consider the ethnicity of their patients as a factor when scheduling surgeries.

Crime so out of control in San Francisco, stores are locking up candy
San Francisco residents that are looking to satisy a sweet tooth will have to go through a series of extra steps as candy is now being locked up in stores amid rising crime in the not so ‘golden’ city.

Pentagon Says It Made $6 Billion “Accounting Error” Clearing More Aid For Ukraine
Due to a massive accounting error, which happened just four weeks after a $3 billion accounting error, the value of weapons supplied to Ukraine by the United States was overstated by $6.2 billion over the past two years.

Gun rights supporters sue Connecticut after governor signs bill with open carry ban
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on Tuesday signed the most wide-ranging state gun control bill since a 2013 law passed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, sparking an immediate lawsuit by gun rights supporters seeking to block a ban on open carrying and other parts of the new law.

Democrat Donor to Lincoln Project and Democrat Campaigns Arrested for Starting Massive California Fire that Destroyed 100 Homes
71-year-old Edward Hackerman was arrested last week and accused of starting last year’s Oak Fire. Hackerman was taken into custody last Friday for starting the fired that charred over 19,000 acres. Hackerman is reportedly a retired firefighter with 12 years experience. The fire destroyed 127 homes and over 60 other buildings.

Support For Transgenderism Is Cratering
Support for gay marriage continues to climb steadily over time, according to Gallup survey data, while public support for transgenderism appears to be cratering.

House Oversight Chairman Says There Is Evidence Of $20-$30 MILLION Of Illegal Payments To Bidens 
House Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed Thursday that he expects there is evidence of at least $20-$30 million being made in illegal payments by foreign nationals to the Biden family.

United Nations Calls For ‘Seven Years’ Of Accelerated, Sustained, And Transformative Action For A Global ‘Rescue Plan’ To Save Humanity
Ever look up the number 7 in your King James Bible? If you do, you’ll see some truly dazzling things. 7 is God’s number for completeness. One of the many things that come in 7 is the time of Jacob’s trouble, a seven year period in which God will judge the world in general, and the Jews in particular, in a global ‘clean up’ operation before the return of Jesus Christ on a white horse. The people at the United Nations don’t believe the Bible, but they love to put it on their buildings to make you think they do. Of course, if you want Bible that shows you the future of the UN, then Zephaniah 3:8 in your King James Bible is just the thing.

John Waters discusses the oligarchs’ plans to take control of the populations of the world: “Get real, get ready”
If those planning our future have their way, we will very soon live in a context of bare subsistence, under open-prison conditions, with “money” functioning as both GPS tracking bracelet and instrument of instantaneous sanction. We will be permitted to continue eating, though of course only if we follow the many rules laid down by the Plutocrat neo-Pharaohs who now hold the privates of our political “representatives” in their tender clasps.

James Corbett briefly discusses two domains of the fifth-generation war we are in: electrosmog and thought control
Earlier this month, James Corbett delivered two presentations at the Better Way Conference: ‘Between the Raindrops’ on the topic ‘From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies’ and ‘The Limits of My Language’ on the topic ‘From Thought Control to Free Thought’. Below is the recording of those presentations.

Majority of 2,500 “climate mitigation” projects funded by the World Bank have little to do with climate
According to an analysis by the Breakthrough Institute and the Centre for Global Development, the majority of climate projects funded by the World Bank between 2020 and 2022 turned out to have little to do with climate at all.

Only idiots are still wearing face masks
The corporate media has reported that face masks may raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to the build-up of carbon dioxide. They didn’t mention all the other problems proven to be associated with mask use.

The Biden Administration Has No Answer For Communist China Setting Up A Military Base In Cuba 90 Miles Off The Coast Of The United States
Back in the early 1960’s, there was an incident called the Cuban Missile Crisis where the Kennedy administration brought the world to the edge of nuclear war with the Russians who had made an encampment in Cuba, a mere 90 miles from the US mainland. History would seem to be repeating itself as another Democrat, Joe Biden, is in office as Communist China announces plans for a military base in Cuba. Unlike Kennedy, the Joe Biden White House had no response when asked about this precarious situation earlier.

Over 5,000 congregations break away from United Methodist Church over pro-LGBT stance
Resistance to the LGBT agenda now spans legislatures, schools, and churches across the country and world, bringing division among Catholic and Anglican bishops, and now among Methodist pastors as well.