22 May 2023

It’s Not Rocket Science

I want to give you some more perspective from my trip to Israel; I got home three days ago. Specifically, I have thoughts about the rocket attacks from Islamic Jihad.

I was there for the whole thing, but I don’t mean I was brave. There was nothing to be brave about. While media reports were as usual wildly inaccurate, I had a great trip from start to finish.

Over 1,000 rockets were launched from Gaza. In one interesting conversation I had, I was told that the “lesser” terror group Islamic Jihad doesn’t make a move without Hamas’s greenlight. So in effect, it was a Hamas operation. And does it really matter? The effect was the same. A couple people were killed and a lot of damage happened. Because all Palestinian terror groups can do is destroy.

I don’t believe, I never believe, that Israel is in existential danger because God said He would preserve them. That is a foundational truth.

Sderot had the most damage, but here is my point this week: I was actually there and if I hadn’t been reading news reports, I wouldn’t have known anything was going on. Seriously. Yes, those rockets were fired. Yes, some landed in Israel proper. But Israel is very good at protecting itself. Iron Dome did its job.

On Saturday the 13th, I had a Shabbat lunch with friends in Modi’in (hometown of the Maccabees!). During the meal, we heard a whoomph! The husband looked at the wife and said, “Iron Dome doing its job!” No panic, not even an interruption of the meal. I never felt in danger once.

I was staying Tel Aviv for a couple nights, on the beach. I looked at Facebook and someone had posted a graphic of numerous red dots all over Tel Aviv, as if the whole city was on fire. I looked down from my balcony and the beach was full of swimmers, bikers, picnics. Not a single piece of evidence that anything was going on.

This is Israel.

Now, I don’t want to misrepresent things. People checked apps on their phones warning of rocket attacks. A guy on a hotel elevator showed me a piece of paper on the wall indicating what to do in case of attack. But it was all matter-of-fact.

I drove all over the country by myself. Not one incident. Just fun and a great trip. I was all over the country and everything looked normal. This is a people that dwells alone, but their God is with them.

Someday there will be a serious threat of rockets from Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon, all at once. This is the big fear scenario. But I do not believe Israel will be harmed beyond repair. God is preparing to fight for them as He did in the days of old.

You can take that to the bank.

I’m fighting jet lag and sinus stuff so will stop for this week. I just wanted to let you know that the Fake News operates globally. Rockets yes, dire threat to Israel?








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