8 May 2023

(I’m in Israel this week; message me if you want me to visit/comment on a certain site or topic!)

More Meddling from Washington

It’s interesting, how flawed humans are. How unstable is the discernment factor. A story emerging this week from Israel underscores this from both the U.S. and the Jewish state.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin said this week that the Biden Regime (my word) has been meddling in the judicial reform issue that has gripped Israel in recent weeks. A brief background: Benjamin Netanyahu has attempted the reform certain aspects of Israel’s judiciary, given the fact it is as partisan (Left) as we have here. Critics (Deep State) of course are howling.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“The US government is aiding Israeli protesters against the coalition’s judicial reform plan, Justice Minister Yariv Levin said.

“Washington ‘is working in cooperation with them on this, as you can see from the things said by the people in the government there,’ Levin told haredi political operatives, in a video first published by Walla! News on Monday.

“Levin said ‘There is no doubt that we are at a truly incomprehensible disadvantage’ in promoting the reforms. ‘They have the courts, the attorney general, all of the heads of the economy, the US government…total control of journalism, of the websites ynet, Walla, Israel Hayom.’”

Very, very interesting comments calling-out various Media. And it’s disgusting that our government is participating in this interference in a foreign government’s business. But as I think we are all learning these past few years, the CIA in conjunction with the rest of the Deep State, has been at this game a very long time.

In fact, Biden has refused to invite Netanyahu (“my dear, dear friend”) to Washington—typically done for newly elected leaders)—and this is an outrageous example of interference. But the Regime now does things very much out in the open, whether getting Tucker Carlson fired or forcing Green Energy on us. No reason to think they wouldn’t interfere in a friendly ally’s internal politics.

The U.S. State Department (read: U.S. taxpayers) has given $38,000 in the last three years to the Movement for Quality Government, a group that has opposed Netanyahu.

For all the sliminess of the Biden Regime, perhaps the biggest disappointment in this story is the behavior of Israeli Foreign Minister Benny Gantz, who has said Levin’s comments are “dangerous.”

What’s dangerous is an Israeli cabinet minister siding with the globalists. Remember, Gantz wants to be prime minister really, really bad. Just like Yair Lapid. Just like Naftali Bennett.

Us ordinary people are only now discovering just how compromised our “elected” officials really are. One can either appease the globalists and have a nice little income, or swim against the tide and get cancelled (one way or another).

Just as it is in other countries (including, ironically, France), the people want to remain free and are protesting to that effect. This is truly a battle royale between the elites and the People.

I feel this latest effort by Netanyahu will be one of the final pieces of his legacy, if he can manage to get judicial reform through. Think of it this way: he is battling the same forces that install leftist judges in key districts around the U.S., thus ensuring “laws” are maintained to throttle nationalism (what used to be called patriotism).

Israel now is fighting forces inside and outside the country. With friends like Biden and Gantz, who needs enemies?