17 Apr 2023

Vengeance is the Lord’s

For 30 years, I’ve despised the fact that my own country played such a huge, negative role in establishing a sophisticated terror organization inside Israel’s “fort.” From the anti-Semitism of the pro-Arab U.S. State Department, to the mendacity of Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, America has been living on borrowed time with regard to how its treated Israel officially.

(My friend Bill Koenig’s compelling masterwork, Eye to Eye, chronicles in chilling detail just how much America’s propping-up of the Palestinian Authority has harmed our country in terms of natural disasters and economic disasters. It’s hard to argue with the research that every time we put pressure on Israel, trouble follows America.)

From the Fogel Family murders in 2011, to the maiming of countless Israelis, the West’s obsession with turning Yasser Arafat into a “statesman” has spelled disaster (history will boil over the absurdity of that mistake. Arafat was always a blood-soaked terrorist, from first to last. His 2004 death rid the world of a human gargoyle of epic proportions.)

Now Israel is in another round of violence, courtesy of the Palestinian Authority (really always the old PLO) and Hamas. Word came today that an Italian tourist was murdered on the beach at Tel Aviv(!), several others were injured, and two sisters were shot to death near an Israeli community west of Tel Aviv. At the beach, a terrorist rammed several tourists with his car and then shot the 33-year-old Italian. This outrage is unconscionable, yet it’s been going on for 30 years, since the (in)famous photo of Clinton on the White House lawn with Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin.

The Bush 41 team, right after the first Gulf War, decided it had enough political capital to blunder into a brokered peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Only six years before, Palestinian terrorists formed Hamas, in response to the “Occupation.” The First Intifada was a wave of Palestinian-led violence that created a “need” to bring the two parties to the negotiating table. Let’s be frank: coddling spoiled children leads to bad adults. Coddling terrorists leads to much more terrorism. People like this don’t reform on their own. The only thing terrorists really understand is their own pain.

From the moment outgoing PM Yair Lapid decided to incite violence by encouraging protests of Benjamin Netanyahu’s incoming government, the Palestinians have sought to inflame the situation. This week Israeli police stormed the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City due to incitement. In a propaganda boost, the PA/PLO used this as a pretext to unleash terror. Hamas said that the murders in Israel this week are a “natural” outgrowth of “Israeli aggression and the Occupation.”


From multiple fronts, Israel is attacked. Jordan has warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the police enter Al-Aksa again. Nice; good going, King Abdullah.

Today, six rockets were fired at the Golan Heights, so the Israelis struck sites in Syria.

I should say at this point that I have total confidence that Israel will put down this latest cycle of violence and I have no worries over that. Yet the escalation is troublesome. Think of it: rockets from Gaza in the south, rockets from Lebanon and Syria in the north, diplomatic threats from “friendly” Jordan. Netanyahu is earning his pay this week.

I think the most worrisome aspect of all this is the internal political war going on in Israel. Years of emboldening left-wing operatives, via help from the U.S. by Clinton and Obama, has created a dangerous situation. Israel has always been good about quelling violence from outside its borders but now the internal enemies are rising.

One day, God will put all this right. He will avenge the deaths of innocents.

I hope that day is soon and very soon.