3 Apr 2023

The Iranian Fangs on Israel’s Northern Border

On March 9, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Hossein Abdollahian visited Syria, meeting with Bashar Assad. The trip was ostensibly to tour earthquake damage. A few days later, Esmail Ghaani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) Qods Force, also visited various sites.

It was at this same time that Hamas political bureau member Khalil al-Haya was also in Syria, noting that even after Hamas left that country in 2013, Iran had continued to supply the PLO with whatever necessary to fight Israel.

These are but just a few examples that we cannot take our eyes off the monster in the region, Iran, the terror state that emerged from, among other things, the utterly failed policies of Jimmy Carter. We’re all still paying for that catastrophe.

Iran has also been providing financial support in Turkey and Syria, no doubt only to seek support from people dependent on outside sources to cope. I don’t think the mullahs actually care about people; they simply want to provide a counterweight to Israel, or to anyone decent. In this way, they are the same as cynical politicians that provide free stuff to people they intend to keep compliant and reliant on the ruling class.

Amir Hossein Abdollahian and Bashar al-Assad held a meeting where they discussed regional and international developments. Abdollahian noted the need to lift the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Syria and condemned Israel’s attacks. He said the “Zionist regime” was trying to deflect public opinion from Israel’s problematic internal situation.

Iran is involved in many things in the Middle East. By the way, even the Saudis—deathly afraid of Tehran—are figuring out ways to accommodate the mullahs. And Iran is also tightening the noose around the “Zionists” in various ways. For example:

“Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council for National Security, arrived in Baghdad for a visit. While there he signed an agreement to secure the Iranian-Iraqi border. The agreement was also signed by Qasim al-Araji, the Iraqi national security advisor, in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shaya al-Sudani. The Iranian media reported that the agreement would lead to the reduction of bilateral tensions and management of unwanted security crises caused by the hostile activities of “anti- revolutionary organizations in Kurdistan.” Meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, Shamkhani said Iran supported a strong, cohesive, united Iraq, and called for the complete removal of every factor creating tension and internal and external crisis in the border region. He also called for joint economic projects, including a railroad between Shalamcheh in western Iran and Basra. The Iraqi prime minister noted his country’s determination to implement agreements signed by the two countries, especially economic agreements, and said signing the security agreement indicated that the leaderships of both countries did not distinguish between the security of the two countries.”

All this comes, mind you, as American diplomats (and the regime in the White House) express outrage at Israel for seeking to roll-back certain aspects of an agreement not to rebuild communities in northern Samaria, after the 2005 pullout from Gaza. In fact, the Biden Regime is not hiding its loathing of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Let us continue to pray that God protects His People in this firestorm of hell unleashed by evil forces in Israel’s neighborhood.