7 Nov 2022

The Politics of Prophecy

Caroline Glick’s sobering assessment of Israel’s domestic politics (which of course bleed into the international arena), ahead of elections, was sobering. But her always on-point perspectives are needed. I am quite sure she feels better today than she did last week.

This week Bibi Netanyahu is back.

Not only did the former premier win this week; he is probably going to garner more seats in his Knesset coalition than anyone could have hoped. A slim-to-solid majority is in the offing for the country’s longest-serving prime minister. President Isaac Herzog will task Netanyahu with forming a new government.

Unlike the left-wing “caretaker” government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, Netanyahu is being swept into power yet again by far-right parties.

For his part, Naftali just gave a speech in which he implored the government not to “make leftists feel unwelcome.” What??? What is it that happens to brave IDF soldiers that later enter politics? Bennett at one time was considered to be Netanyahu’s heir apparent. He has fallen far from those days.

In my view, an added bonus of Netanyahu’s victory is the ascent of Itamar Ben-Gvir, a right-wing politician that will not support policies of appeasement. That’s a win for the whole country.

Glick this week, just ahead of elections, had this to say:

“Last May they put their hatred and envy of Netanyahu above their professed ideology and their voters to oust their camp from power and give Israel its first post-Zionist government.

“Netanyahu gave his successors a country with a fast-growing economy, even as the global economy was sunk in deep recession following the Covid-19 lockdowns. Today, the economy is on a sharp downward trajectory. Inflation is galloping forward with no end in sight. And the middle class is straining to keep itself above water as prices outstrip wages.”

This last comment is particularly fascinating, since it both flies in the face of Bennett’s statements (in which he, Biden-like, claimed to have delivered a booming economy, among other things). It also describes almost perfectly the American experience after an illegitimate government took control at roughly the same time.

In fact, the Biden regime has been putting the screws to Israel behind the scenes, as we knew they would. I would bet that Susan Rice and Team are actually running foreign policy, and the oily residue of Obama’s Jew-hatred is evident.

Now let’s look briefly at how all this might impact Bible prophecy. I feel certain we are in the end-game, as always because Israel is central. Notice what Glick said about Israel’s position in the international community:

“Australia’s announcement last week that it is rescinding recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was an expression of the growing contempt in which the nations of the world now hold Israel.”

Further, the leftists in Washington continue endangering Israel:

“As for the Palestinians, reports over the past several weeks revealed that the Biden administration is interfering in Israel’s military operations in Judea and Samaria down to the company and squad level through its embassy in Jerusalem.

“This state of affairs, in which a U.S. administration that has made little effort to hide its hostility and the hostility of its policies to the Jewish state has taken effective control over Israel’s foreign policy, is unprecedented. It has devastated Israel’s regional standing, and compelled Israel to adopt policies and positions that undermine its national interests and security.”

Expect this to change somewhat, as Netanyahu returns to power, and the Americans are poised for seismic changes in Congress.

International governments displaying their contempt for the Jewish state, and US meddling in Israel’s security could add up to a scenario fast-approaching when we see those evil coalitions forming to move against Israel militarily. Not just regionally, which we’ve seen too many times in the last 75 years, but internationally.

Let us continue to pray for Israel, and pray for her new/old prime minister!