24 Oct 2022

Friendly Enemies

It’s fascinating noting the efforts Israel’s historical enemies are taking to fight terrorism in and around Israel. I’m talking about Russia and Egypt. This past week those operations came to light, particularly in the fight against ISIS, which has regrouped since the rogue regime in Washington took power two years ago.

In the Sinai, Egyptian troops engaged with ISIS terrorists near the Rafah Beach section, killing a total of four terrorists on October 5 and October 14. On the 16th, a joint operation between Egyptian army and the Sinai Tribal Union killed two more ISIS demons, one of whom was wearing explosives.

A day later, in Syria, an imam from the village of Al-Hajna was shot and killed by rival terrorists. There has been an intense amount of terror activity in Syria, particularly near Damascus, in the last two weeks. Several days ago, an IED crippled a bus carrying Syrian soldiers, 19 of whom were killed. 

According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“General Oleg Egorov, deputy head of the Russian Coordination Center in Syria, announced that about 100 ISIS operatives had been killed in Russian airstrikes on October 16, 2022, against a training camp and a command post of ISIS in northwestern Syria. According to General Egorov, the airstrikes destroyed a command post, ammunition depots, weapons, the headquarters in the camp, as well as 15 vehicles equipped with machine guns (TASS, October 17, 2022). So far, the report has not been confirmed by any local source. 

“That same day, airstrikes were also carried out against positions of the Suqur al-Sham faction, which is affiliated with the rebel organizations, north of the village of Qataa, northwest of Aleppo. Three faction operatives were killed and nine others were wounded (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, October 17, 2022). According to local sources, Russian fighter jets carried out the attack after forces of HTS, the leading organization among the rebels in the Idlib region, had entered the Afrin region, about 40 km northwest of Aleppo.”

Just after this, Russian fighter jets attacked a cluster of terrorists at Jassem, killing 20 of them. Of those, four had been involved in the bus attack.

All this activity shows clearly that the scourge of terror doesn’t impact only Israel in the region, and that other governments are committed to rooting-out terrorism, if only because it impedes and impacts their own interests. It does serve to bolster Israel’s security, though.

She isn’t fighting alone.