10 Oct 2022

Yair, Yair, Yair

I guess I just wanted Yair Lapid to play against type.

Shouldn’t have let my heart rule my head.

Nearly 10 years ago, a gargantuan natural gas field was discovered in the eastern Mediterranean. Disputed ownership of course emerged, but among non-crazy governments: Israel, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus. These fields and others had the potential to make Israel energy independent for the foreseeable future.

It also sparked among Bible prophecy students visions of the fulfillment of the Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39. As usual, I urge caution when fitting current events onto the grid of prophecy in Scripture, but still, many of these occurrences are plausible when considering the timing of Gog and the hook in his jaw.

In a piece titled “Israel’s Devastating Capitulation to Hezbollah,” Caroline Glick outlines her expert analysis of Lapid’s bizarre decision to aid terrorists.

Here’s how her piece begins:

“It is almost impossible to grasp the danger of Israel’s present moment. A month before the Knesset elections, the caretaker government led by Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz is moving full speed ahead with a maritime agreement with an enemy state that it insists will obligate Israel in perpetuity. The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) agreement Israel is concluding with Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon will fundamentally alter Israel’s maritime borders, deny the Jewish state tens of billions of dollars, which will go instead to a government controlled by Iran’s Lebanese foreign legion, Hezbollah, and transform Hezbollah and Iran into actors in the eastern Mediterranean.”

The problem is that initially, Israel did not negotiate a deal with Lebanon because the latter is a terrorist state. However…Cyprus did negotiate with Lebanon (controlled of course by Hezbollah). In the end, Lebanon demanded part of Israel’s territorial waters, including much of the Qana natural gas field. It was never resolved and so it stood until recently.

In the meantime, as Israel developed the Karish gas field, Hezbollah threatened to attack it unless the previous issue was resolved. In fact, Hezbollah’s Sheik Nasrallah, one of the most evil men in the world, did attack Karish with drones (Israel intercepted them). This was really an act of war, but Bibi Netanyahu is no longer in charge. Lapid is.

Sadly, the Lapid government has been fearful of further terrorist activity and so has done nothing to protect its interests. Here’s where things get really weird.

The Biden Regime, following the lead of (who I think is really in charge, Obama) others, is bent on giving money and support to Lebanon, thus strengthening Hezbollah, thus strengthening…Iran! This was Obama’s grand scheme.

(If you want to run a really wild conspiracy theory, notice that Obama’s moves in the Middle East the last 13 years have been to bolster Iran. This would provide evidence—to people that believe Obama is a closet Muslim—that he is Shi’ite. US foreign policy in those years was always to deconstruct Sunni Muslim states.)

Biden—I do not believe he is impaired, as most think—on his Middle East visit weeks ago pushed deals with Lebanon. His “dementia” allows him to continue carrying water for Obama. This menacing individual is doing great harm to our traditional ally, Israel. Obama loathes Jews and especially the Jewish state.

Sadly, the Lapid government has bent to US pressure. Glick understands:

“Lapid, Gantz and their allies portray the deal as a diplomatic and strategic masterstroke. By surrendering to all of Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon’s 12-year-old demands, they brag that Israel has secured its ability to develop Karish. In other words, they’re bragging that they’re signing a protection deal with Hezbollah. In exchange for 854 square kilometers of sovereign Israeli waters, they believe that Hezbollah will permit us to exploit our natural resources—at least until Nasrallah decides to renew his threats and demands.”

This is a situation to continue to monitor. We are living in desperately evil times, and this situation involving Israel’s sea sovereignty is critically important going forward. Remember—Russia has its long-wanted warm weather port in Syria, and is watching closely…