29 Aug 2022

A Working Plan?

One wonders how an Israeli security chief can be naïve when it comes to the Americans, but with this week’s report that Benny Gantz had “intimate” and “positive” interactions with Joe Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan…one can wonder.

Sullivan apparently gave Gantz what he said Israel “needed,” that being a credible military threat to Iran, in the face of ongoing negotiations over Barack Obama’s sinister “Iran Deal.” The “deal,” which fails because it doesn’t hold Iran’s feet to the fire, has been widely panned as giving the mullahs time to develop nuclear weapons—something the deal is ostensibly supposed to prevent.

You see, in today’s American diplomacy, the regime in Washington lies both to its own citizens and to its best allies.

I do not believe Jake Sullivan about anything.

A Times of Israel report went like this:


“The official said Israel has two main concerns with regard to the potential deal: the so-called sunset clause, which will lift limitations on Iran’s nuclear program when the accord expires; and sanctions relief that would allow Iran to increase funding to its proxies.

“The official added that Israel has attempted to influence the deal in certain aspects as much as possible, but ‘as of now, it is far from serving Israel’s interests as it sees it.’ Israel seeks to make the deal ‘longer and stronger,’ the official said.”

And here is a key comment:

“Provided a new deal is signed, Israeli officials say they expect Iran to significantly ramp up funding for its proxies in the Middle East, including the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group on Israel’s northern frontier.”

This to me is madness. The West shows weakness by proposing open negotiations with the Iranians, who have done nothing in response but threaten both America and Israel. Who deals with enemies like this? I’ve read that Obama genuinely thought he could talk in good faith with Iran. This proves one of two things: he is either a clueless dupe, or he is complicit in helping terrorists threaten the West.

What the above quote shows is that even if a “deal” is signed, Iran will continue to spread terrorism worldwide.

The excellent ambassador Danny Danon rightly signals that a deal with Iran is a bad thing. He lives in reality.

“Tensions are high in Israel, as it is felt that once again the most disastrous of deals, the Iran nuclear deal, is being rushed to conclusion, its timing coinciding with the uncertain political situation in Israel. Despite persistent warnings from Israel and the region’s moderate Arab countries, the deal’s signatories, the P5+1 — namely Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany — are insisting on hurtling into an agreement that in just a few years will legitimize the very nuclear activity that the deal is meant to be preventing. Moreover, with Iran all but having achieved nuclear capabilities, the Iran nuclear deal, which was supposed to grant Iran sanctions relief in return for a tight rein on its nuclear program, is now futile.

“What makes it even more disastrous in 2022 is that not only is it a shorter and weaker deal than ever before, all known violations by the Iranian regime are being brushed aside. The deal also entirely ignores Iran’s obsession with terror and its funding of terror proxies in the region and turns a blind eye to Iran’s development of long-range ballistic missiles. Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, funding regional terror groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas and (Palestinian) Islamic Jihad. Just this August, Iran was instrumental in training, smuggling weapons and sponsoring the most recent attack on Israel by Islamic Jihad when over 1,000 rockets rained down from Gaza.

“All this will be conveniently whitewashed by the deal’s signatories.”

Danon then gets to the heart of the matter, the utter insanity inherent in this deal:

“Most worryingly, and to make a disastrous deal even more horrifying, the Iranian terrorist regime will be presented with billions of dollars, estimated to be in the region of over $200 billion, that will undoubtedly be plowed into subsequent terror attacks region-wide. In essence, this illogical agreement will enrich and empower Iran and unshackle it to continue its export of terror and step up its atrocities.”

Why do we fund our enemies? It makes no sense. Danon knows full well that Israel is better off going it alone against Iran, although the country’s strengthened ties with Arab states—themselves threatened by Iran in the ongoing Sunni-Shia conflict (much like the Hatfields and McCoys). He said that the West feels that Iran’s threat is not really existential, since those nations’ borders are so far from Iran.

But an enemy as implacable as Iran cannot be dealt with in this way. The Islamic terror state must be utterly defeated.

America currently does not have the leadership/will to do that. I believe in the end, Israel will have to act alone.