25 Jul 2022

Biden’s catastrophe

The title is almost misleading, because there are so many.

Biden catastrophes, that is.

The criminal in the White House is more malevolent than incompetent, in my view, and that’s why his recent trip to Israel is problematic. The entire brief visit was embarrassing for Americans and I’m sure curious and dismaying to the Israelis. To go from Trump to this in so short a time…well, it’s disorienting.

Caroline Glick, as usual the best commentator in the region, wrote about Biden’s interactions with both Israelis and Palestinians.

Writing for the Jewish News Syndicate, Glick warned that Biden’s words don’t match his policies, which of course put Israel in a bind, to say the least. Glick noted the worst moment of the trip:

“Arguably, the moment U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel crashed and burned was on Friday morning during his remarks at Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

“Biden’s visit to the all-Arab hospital was the most controversial stop during Biden’s visit to the Jewish state, because it signaled an about-face on America’s long standing support for an undivided Jerusalem.

“Not only did Biden refuse to permit Israeli officials to accompany him on his visit to the Jerusalem hospital, but his team removed the Israeli flag from Biden’s limousine as he made his way to it, and refused to permit Israeli reporters to participate in the press pool.”

Despite the fact that Biden almost constantly touts his alleged love of Israel, Glick noted it is anything but love:

“In his words: ‘My background and the background of my family is Irish America, and we have a long history of … not fundamentally unlike the Palestinian people with Great Britain and their attitude toward Irish-Catholics over the years, for 400 years.’

“Whereas the rest of the speech was so incoherent it is hard to imagine it was anything other than off the cuff, Biden’s slander of Israel as a colonialist power was clearly prepared because it was followed by a quote from an Irish poem.

“The idea that Israel is a harsh colonial overlord in someone else’s land is the essence of the anti-Zionist slander. The false claim that Jews have no history in their historic homeland and no national rights as the indigenous people of the land of Israel is inherent to the narrative.”

American politicians for generations have made stupid statements about the Arab-Israeli conflict. “Condi” Rice, the Russian “expert” in George W. Bush’s White House was woefully ignorant of the Middle East and she once likened the Palestinians’ experience RE Israel to the American blacks’ harsh treatment at the hands of Bull Connor.

Such nonsense is not historically true, and it marginalizes Israel in dangerous ways. It also is carefully crafted propaganda from the Left and their Palestinian friends. In other words, a lie can be every bit as dangerous as a bullet.

I watched a video clip this week of Palestinians celebrating Israeli deaths. Men, women, and children cheered as a children’s program featured kids murdering Jews. This horrific display is never mentioned by the Biden Set. Instead, they continue on down the path of folly with the Oslo Accords, rewarding Palestinian violence.

At the same time Biden was in essence attacking Israel on her own territory, he was meddling in the Abraham Accords. This was predictable since he wouldn’t allow a major Trump victory to stand.

This is so because Biden is showing weakness to Iran, at a time when the mullahs are very, very close to having nuclear weapons. Biden has made it clear to caretaker Israeli PM Yair Lapid that the U.S. will not only not support a strike on Iran’s facilities, but they will oppose Israeli efforts to carry out such a strike.

That Israel is in the middle of an existential threat from a state sponsor of terrorism—at the same time Biden puts the Jewish state in a bind—tells you all you need to know about Biden’s true intentions and lies.

The Gulf States that have moved toward Israel in cooperation (a monumental deal put together by Trump and Netanyahu) will now realize that they are alone against Iran and so will move to pander to the thugs in Tehran. This weakens the Abraham Accords, an outcome coveted by Iran.

A stolen election has far-reaching consequences, to the point of endangering people that don’t live in our country. The malicious and devious Joe Biden is still well capable of sabotaging our beloved ally, Israel. While he bumbles through gaffe-filled days and “endures” the heckling and mocking of the public (and even some press), he single-mindedly undermines Israel. Every chance he gets.