13 Jun 2022

Israel’s Christian Enemies

In a way, I wish I lived in a time when I didn’t have to write or even think about enemies of the Jewish people in the Church.

Maybe 1890 would have been good?

But we live today, in 2022. And Israel has many enemies among “God’s people.”

I read this morning on Facebook a remarkable post by Randy White, one of the best Bible teachers alive. Formerly pastor of a large Southern Baptist Church, Randy left a few years ago to pastor a small church in New Mexico. I admire his courage more than I can articulate. He is one of those rare people that can coolly assess a situation and make difficult decisions.

He believes, as I do, that sometimes a situation cannot be saved. Some believe it’s a copout to “give up,” but I say it is realistic and sane to recognize when enough is enough. How long does one try to “save” a denomination that has been fatally infected with liberalism? I know some that have fought long and hard to save denominations like the apostate United Methodist Church.

I think it’s much better to prioritize your efforts and be independent, teaching God’s Word simply. This is what Randy is doing (with quite an effective teaching ministry).

Here is what he posted this morning:

“Evangelicals say they believe the Bible, and then they regularly pervert it by twisting it to say exactly the opposite of what it says. Need one example? James 1:1 says it is written to the 12 tribes. Pick up a commentary and see what it says. For example, the United Bible Society’s Handbook on the Letter from James says, ‘…the phrase obviously refers to Christians, not to Jews… James is saying that the Lord’s followers are like the tribes of Israel that were scattered everywhere by their enemies.’ Need another example? The Southern Baptist (‘people of the Book’) New American Commentary says, ‘The use of the term here, however, has been extended to apply to all the people of God in Christ.’

“How can you claim that the Word of God is inspired and then simply twist its meaning to make it fit your preconceived assumptions?

“My remedy: take the Word of God literally. Always. It will literally tell you when it is figurative. If it doesn’t literally tell you it’s figurative, then take it literal.

“My warning: when you do this, you’ll almost never be able to find a church home again.”

He doesn’t promise you a rose garden, but he does offer being able to live with yourself. I would not want to stay with a group, no matter how prestigious, that said such things as above about the Word of God.

Can you imagine?

James 1:1 is crystal clear. Yet Jew-hating scholars within evangelicalism thirst to snatch God’s promises to the Jews. They want them for themselves. It is classic Replacement Theology, which has plagued the Church for centuries.

Read Randy’s post again. This attempt at theological theft I say is diabolical. It is evil.

It has contributed to many, many in the Church overall being indifferent or hostile to the Jewish people. Imagine reading the plain sense Scripture and believing something it does not claim. The 12 Tribes are obviously about the Jews, the Israelites.

And this is the Baptists! Not the Presbyterians, or the Episcopal Church. The very heart of the evangelical world is infected with Replacement Theology, which isolates Israel even more, even politically. Our policymakers in Washington do not believe the biblical promises to the Jews; the Bible doesn’t even impact their everyday lives, particularly frauds like Joe Biden.

Thus, in the very place Israel should be able to count on friends—the Church—there are enemies. Theological enemies.

Events are converging. The political and religious worlds are now conspiring against Israel. Anti-Semitism worldwide is not only not opposed, it is championed.

It is now that many end-times prophecies make sense, when they didn’t before. A confederation against Israel? Against Jerusalem? It didn’t make sense before.

It does now.