30 May 2022

Trust No One

 For quite a long time, Israel has bolstered its security by taking the fight to terrorists. Somehow (we’ll never know how!), the Mossad and other security services strike right at the heart of the beast. Several times, agents have infiltrated Iran and assassinated Iranian scientists and military targets. They don’t claim this of course, but everyone knows. 

It’s the one time the demons tremble. 

Both in Europe and Iran, Israeli agents apprehend them and then bring them to justice. It is the capture of Adolf Eichmann all over again. Like Groundhog Day. 

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post: 

“Earlier this week, it was revealed that IRGC Unit 840 commander Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodyari had been assassinated to set back his secretive unit that is responsible for terrorist operations against Israeli and Western targets outside of the Islamic Republic.” 

Israel has also been revealed as the obtainer of Iranian operational plans to hack computer systems in order to fool inspectors. There were also plans to assassinate an American general. 

Iran claims it has arrested numerous Mossad agents, yet Israel is able to anywhere, at any time, in Iran. In the last four years alone, a dozen Iranian installations have been blown up. 

Now, though, it is the Americans that are betraying Israel, our ally. When I said up there that Israel was revealed to be behind the Iranian plan theft, it is because the Biden administration has outed them! 

Why would they do that? 

The most obvious answer, I believe, quite apart from diplomacy or military strategy, is that this is simply a continuation of the Obama Model. The former president, a revolutionary of the highest order, hates Israel. His early associations with anti-Semites of every stipe is proof of this. When he was young in Chicago politics, Obama was meeting with the PLO. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright, routinely spouted Jew-hating rhetoric from the pulpit. 

As for Biden himself, while I believe he is a classic political puppet, he too is only for himself. Thus he has no loyalty to anyone, especially a Jewish state that continually pokes Biden’s friends around the globe. 

I like the way the Jerusalem Post piece ended: 

“Any time in recent months that Iran upped the ante by using drones or cyber warfare, Israel has allegedly counter-attacked with much greater force and consequences. 

“The message is clear: whether there is a new nuclear deal or not, the consequences of Iran trying to cross the nuclear threshold or escalate its violence against Israel will be dire.” 

This is a clear proof, in my view, that back of Israel’s superb intelligence-gathering apparatus, God watches and acts for His people. 

Khodyari was killed May 22. Amid all the furor over his death, it is interesting to note that Iran and Syria are working closely economically, as the two want to expand ties between Tehran and Damascus.  

From the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center: 

“The Iranian Ambassador to Syria, Mehdi Sobhani, called for expanding economic activity between Tehran and Damascus. He made the statement at the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding concerning the expansion of cooperation in the sectors of industry and finances, signed by the Damascus Chamber of Industry and the Iranian-Syrian Joint Chamber of Commerce. The memorandum of understanding concerned the expansion of exports of Syrian products to markets in Iran, planning for establishing permanent fairs displaying Syrian products in Iran, as well as holding conferences for industrialists from both countries. The Iranian ambassador expressed Tehran’s determination to expand its economic and trade ties with the Syrian private sector and remarked that the Iranian embassy in Syria is investing a great deal of effort in overcoming the challenges faced by industrialists from both countries. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damascus Chamber of Industry, Samer al-Debs, called on Iranian traders to establish strategic industrial projects in Syria. The Chairman of the Joint Chamber of Commerce, Fahd Darwish, declared that the signed memorandum of understanding aims to expand cooperation between the two chambers and encourage traders, capitalists, and industrialists from both countries to carry out joint investments in various sectors. He announced that a trade and industrial delegation from Syria will soon visit Iran.” 

This is an effort to blunt the effectiveness of Israeli cooperation with various Gulf states, known as the Abraham Accords. It is also plenty curious that more and more, Damascus is seen as a key city in the region. Between being propped-up by the Russians and the Iranians, Syria is becoming a key scene of mischief directed at Israel. 

And we all know what eventually happens to Damascus.