8 Nov 2021

War Prep

Due to the spiritual sickness the world over, Israel has been at war at least regionally since May 14, 1948. Even before the state was established, the Arab nation was killing Jews just because they were Jews in Palestine.

I learned a great deal many years ago by visiting the Haganah Museum in Tel Aviv; this is dedicated to the very beginnings of what would become the Israel Defense Forces. The murderous Arab assaults on the Jews of Palestine in 1929 and 1937 were brutal reminders that the Jews would have to fight savagely for their own peace in their own country. And they were the lucky ones; Europe’s Jewish population was about to be decimated by the Germans.

Today, nothing has really changed. That’s why it is vital that Israel maintain preparedness. I remember during the Gulf War…Israeli pilots sat in their planes on the tarmac, for hours at a time. This is the kind of edge they need to maintain if they are to fend-off their enemies.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Israel’s Home Front Command and National Emergency Authority (RAHEL) is holding a week-long drill that started on Sunday simulating a large-scale war in which civilians are evacuated from northern border communities and security agencies will deal with massive rocket barrages sent by Hezbollah.

“Following the May fighting, the Home Front Command ‘carried out a very significant learning process with a lot of research, and this exercise is going to test what we’ve learned,’ said Home Front Command Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Itzik Bar.

And this was a nationwide effort; the police and medical services are also participating.

Understand this: projections are that with a full-scale war in the north, Hezbollah would send 2,000 per day into Israel. We are talking on a scale that requires intervention by the Lord for Israel to survive. He will, of course.

Israeli planners realize that Hezbollah will concentrate fire on specific areas—surgical strikes near border communities. A second wave potentially is the utilization of shock troops pushing through those weak areas.

Hezbollah leader and psychopath Sheik Nasrallah has threated to hit various plants around the country.

I was struck by how much operational detail was included in the JPost report. It seems to me they are tipping their hand to the Arabs, but what do I know?

For decades, those that love Israel have dreaded a truly modern full-scale war against the Jewish state. In fact it’s almost unimaginable. Recent wars have been traumatic enough:

“The Home Front Command was criticized for its response during the 2006 war with Hezbollah, in which more than 160 Israelis were killed. Since then, it has strengthened its units, and its liaison units are active in hundreds of municipalities across the country.”

All this reminds me very much that those of us on the outside looking in can do our part by praying continually for Israel. Prayer for the Jewish nation in the Bible is a dominant theme: Joshua, Moses, David…all served as a leader for their people, first and foremost in the area of praying for God’s divine protection.

My fellow believer: as Israel faces a multitude of threats, including catastrophic outcomes, pray, pray, pray as never before.

It makes a difference!