29 Mar 2021


It’s difficult to read. A new interview with Jonathan Pollard (convicted of spying against the U.S. for Israel) in Israel Hayom is gut-wrenching.

For the record, I think it’s despicable that the U.S. kept Pollard in prison for decades. And it began under Ronald Reagan’s watch. I am rethinking some of our “heroes” of the past. I wonder if Israel had any real friends in Washington until Trump. Even Harry Truman, the man that recognized the new state of Israel in 1948, had married an anti-Semite. Bess Truman’s prohibition of Jews in her home was repulsive.

Anyway, Pollard was released from prison, finally, a few years ago. He and his long-suffering wife, Esther, now live in Jerusalem.

Look, I love my country, first. I am a patriotic American. But I also have a spiritual allegiance to Israel. I am disgusted by how the Americans treated Pollard.

When he knew he was caught, he tried to take refuge at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He was not allowed entrance and finally told a guard, “Just shoot me.” Pollard understood the dark world of espionage and he knew what likely awaited him in prison.

A succession of U.S. presidents refused to pardon him. Let them be marked by that for eternity.

He was finally released in 2015, but had to remain in the U.S. for a time. I also remember back during the negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians in 1998, Benjamin Netanyahu was promised by Bill Clinton that Pollard would be on a return flight with him home to Israel.

Clinton lied again.

Pollard and his wife never had children, never had the life together they should have. All because he fed Israeli intelligence critical intelligence about the Arabs, targeting Israel. He did not sell-out America, but various career officials kept him in prison.

He has a very telling comment in the interview that sheds light on where Israel will end up prophetically:

“Pollard says that when people wax poetic about Israel’s ‘great friends, the Americans,’ he tells them that friendships don’t last forever.”

Do you see? Eventually the biblical promises that Israel will end up alone, save for her Savior, are all true.

Read that interview. It is chilling. It will change what you thought you knew about the American-Israel relationship.

I’m glad Pollard is free now. I hope his last years are peaceful and prosperous. His wife is undergoing cancer treatments.

Pray for Jonathan and Esther Pollard.