23 Nov 2020

Iran Deal 2

I’m counting on Sidney Powell and Rudy Guliani overturning the fraud election, for many reasons.

A whole laundry list of things will be in peril if “Biden/Harris” take power (even though we all know they won’t be the ones pulling the strings).

One of the biggest threats we all face is the prospect of Joe Biden appeasing his masters in Tehran by rejoining the diabolical “Iran Nuclear Deal” that was crafted by his old boss, the Marxist Barack Obama. The deal of course (with the negotiating help of John Kerry) would allow the Iranians to keep working their nuclear program, and enable them to build nukes.

That made it all the more odd that Benjamin Netanyahu would engage Biden just after the election, going so far as congratulating him, as if Biden is truly the president-elect. He is not.

Yet Netanyahu is also a consummate politician, and was no doubt covering his bases. Of course if Trump remains in office, Israel can rest much easier. That Trump has “unfollowed” Netanyahu on Twitter is an indication that some repair must be done to the relationship, and I don’t blame Trump one bit.

This week, according to the Jerusalem Post:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a clear message to President-elect Joe Biden on Sunday that he would push back against American efforts to rejoin the Iran deal.

“’Do not return to the previous [Iran] nuclear deal,’ Netanyahu said at a memorial service for first prime minister David Ben-Gurion. ‘We must keep to an uncompromising policy to ensure that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.’”

(Notice that even the JPost has joined the media bandwagon by declaring Biden the winner. The Supreme Court in a few weeks will have something to say about that.)

Biden has claimed he will work “to strengthen and extend it, while more effectively pushing back against Iran’s other destabilizing activities.” An apparent choice for secretary of state, Chris Coons, has also claimed they will work to ensure there are strict guidelines for the Iranians to adhere to.

All that is poppycock.

We are now seeing the mask being pulled of the hideous creature known as the Globalist Deep State, with even election payoffs swirling. It’s now apparent that the Iranian nuclear deal, crafted with the help of American elected officials, involves payoffs.

And Bibi knows who he is dealing with. He’s known Biden for 40 years and knows he is a career grifter disloyal even to his own country. Israel would be thrown to the sharks from Day 1.

Not surprisingly, Iran has already demanded to be paid for financial hits incurred after President Trump’s sanctions hurt the regime badly. So Biden would sending planeloads of cash again.

All this is more indication that we cannot and must not put our hopes and faith in politicians. Only the Prince of Peace is worthy of our gaze and our pleas.

And remember—when you become fearful of the future—our future is glorious, because our King is coming.