26 Oct 2020

Biden’s Middle East

It must be weird to live in another reality. Or, more accurately, a false reality.

The LA Times, clinging to the fantasy that Joe Biden is anything other than an historically weak candidate for president, projects what might happen to “Arab-Israeli peace” if Biden wins the White House.

As we’ve said many times, the disastrous, corrupt Oslo deal gave the PLO 25 years to play games and hurt Israel. Swamp Creatures like Biden propped-up this disaster for a quarter-century. It failed in every way, rewarding the murder of Jews while coddling the murderers.

But the LA Times dreams of returning to disaster:

“If he wins the presidential election, Joe Biden will find a Middle East quite different from the one at the end of the Obama administration.

“’Nuclear threats may once again be on the horizon in Iran. Militant groups are on the ascendance in Lebanon and Yemen. And Israelis and Palestinians stand further away from settling their conflict than they have in a long time.

“Biden says his first task will be repairing much of what he and his supporters consider to be the damage done by President Trump, who demolished long-standing norms and decades of U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“’Joe Biden will benefit just by not being President Trump,’ Biden’s top foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken said in a recent interview. ‘That is the opening opportunity.’”

Notice that the Times editors do not acknowledge that Obama’s Middle East was a brush fire. Beginning in 2011, Obama enacted curious policies aimed at undermining Middle East stability. I will just throw this out there, but he did exactly what a Shiite entity like Iran would want done.

When Trump entered office by taking on Iran head-on, conditions ripened that are now bearing fruit; only today, Sudan announced it would normalize relations with Israel!

Career diplomats in the West, and editors and reporters hate that, because it eliminates the need for…them. Without chaos and continual meddling, they are irrelevant.

Now, notice what Biden’s typists at the Times really long for:

“’I think the best we can hope for from a Biden government is undoing a lot of the damage and doing no more harm, while giving the Palestinians space to get their own house in order,’ said Khaled Elgindy, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, a Washington think tank, and director of the Palestine and Israeli-Palestinian affairs program.

Space to get their house in order?

The Palestinians had 25 years to get their house in order. Even long before that, they were tolerated, coddled, and affirmed by the West. Munich ’72? The Six Day War? Hijackings?

The Palestinians got a pass for decades.

What is needed is space for new agreements to flourish, if they are going to.

Biden is thoroughly corrupt. A hollow, craven grifter that cares for no one but no. 1. I do not believe he has a chance to overturn Trump’s achievements, but take nothing for granted.

Vote on Nov. 3!