29 Jun 2020

Nukes Inevitable?

At the same time a former head of the Mossad claimed nothing can be done to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, a mysterious explosion rocked Iran, leading to speculation that some of its nuclear facilities had been targeted by you-know-who.

The West has always been plagued by defeatists. Many of them threaten America today.

Iran has claimed for years that it would wipe Israel off the map. Few fail to take them seriously, yet too many throw their hands up as if the threat can be realized. Or that we must simply “get used to” the “new normal.”

While many politicians are weak and fail at the critical moment, I do not believe Benjamin Netanyahu will. If the mullahs in Iran are determined to do evil to God’s Chosen, Netanyahu is equally determined to prevent it.

Analysts believe the bombed site this week hides an underground tunnel system and missile systems. According to the Times of Israel:

“What exploded in the incident early Friday that sent a massive fireball into the sky near Tehran remains unclear, as does the cause of the blast. The Fars news agency, which is close to the country’s ultra-conservatives, initially reported that the blast was caused by ‘an industrial gas tank explosion’ near a facility belonging to the defense ministry. It cited an ‘informed source’ and said the site of the incident was not related to the military.

“The unusual response of the Iranian government in the aftermath of the explosion, however, underscores the sensitive nature of an area near where international inspectors believe the Islamic Republic conducted high-explosive tests two decades ago for nuclear weapon triggers.”

The site, about 10 miles east of downtown Tehran, is long thought by Western analysts of having relevance for Iran’s military goals.

Now, no one can say for certainty that the Israelis (and Americans?) were responsible for the blast, but the fact remains that Israel has pulled off amazing strikes against Iran and her proxies elsewhere in the Middle East.

I’ve often felt that Netanyahu’s family background—specifically his very great father, Benzion—would cause him to stand if a future moment required him to do so. I believe he is a Zionist above all else.

Israel’s current political climate though has seemingly forced upon Netanyahu a coalition partner, Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party. Color me as unimpressed by Gantz as a politician. It is the lot of former generals to become clueless politicians.

Author Susan Heitler has an interesting take on Gantz:

“Strong leaders explain their viewpoints in a way that paints clear pictures for listeners of where they stand on issues, why, and what they aim to do to address these concerns.

“Gantz does the opposite.

“Gantz tells us what he does not think, what he does not want, and what he will not do.”

Heitler then goes on to give a fascinating example of bad and good communication:

“If I ask you please to get me a book from the bookshelf, and I say, ‘Not one with a red cover,’ will you know what book to get me?  No. I could be wanting any of the forty non-red books on the shelf.  And I will come across therefore as a weak communicator.

“If, by contrast, I say, ‘Please hand me the book with the green cover,’ you know exactly what I am asking for.  I have said what I want rather than what I don’t want. I have painted a clear picture for you.  I therefore am more likely to get what I want. That’s strength.”

Netanyahu asks for the book with the green cover. So did Churchill.

Gantz does not.

What does all this have to do with Iran’s nuclear capabilities?

Well, I don’t see any prophetic passage in Scripture that describes Israel perishing from a fatal strike from an enemy. In fact, I believe Israel is eternal. But we do see in Zechariah at least evidence of a nuclear confrontation of some kind that is coming.

We know that the Lord Himself fights for Israel and they emerge victorious. We also know that her military plays a role and, presumably, the political structure. In the past, Israel has had a seemingly weak leader (Levi Eshkol) and powerful military that repelled the threat. Israel has also had strong leaders during times of war (Ben Gurion).

We can take comfort in the fact that Israel’s fate does not rest entirely in the hands of fallible human leaders.

But someone ordered that strike on Iran. God’s glory will not be hidden by either a Netanyahu or a Gantz premiership.

I like though hoping that a Bibi will be in charge on that Fateful Day.





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