20 Jan 2020

It’s Not Tru

There was a very interesting report recently from my friend Dexter Van Zile at CAMERA. For several years, he has done what few will do: investigate the problems with pro Israel support among evangelicals. His latest piece is encouraging, because it involves a clear answer from a Christian singer:

“Evangelical singer Brenda Crouch has distanced herself from antisemitic news broadcaster Rick Wiles and his network, TruNews. In an email sent to CAMERA on Jan. 6, 2020, Crouch declared that a performance of hers that was broadcast during the Christmas season in December 2019 was ‘was filmed several years ago’ and that her ministry ‘is not and never will be aligned with antisemitic beliefs or teachings.’ She also declared that her ministries are ‘huge supporters of Israel.’”

Wiles and his vile “Tru News” is a hardcore anti-Semite and takes every opportunity to spread falsehoods about the Jewish state. I’m often surprised by Christians who link to his garbage via social media. One great prophecy watcher, John Haller, has alerted people to the realities of Tru News and urged people to stop linking to Wiles.

Crouch answered CAMERA and her statement seems, well, true. She pledges her support for Israel and she should be commended for answering the query and doing it quickly.

This is how it often happens. An outlet like Wiles’ appears Christian and informative. Then the truth comes out.

But Wiles is different than others who are eroding support for Israel in that he just comes right out and does it. I would argue he is no more dangerous than evangelical leaders who damage Israel more subtly.

I’m talking of course of people like Andy Stanley, who boasts that we need to “unhitch” from the Old Testament. Or the SBC’s Russell Moore, whose Replacement Theology views are on full display, even before he became a player in that denomination.

The truth is, as I’ve said for a very long time, anti-Israel fervor is growing and will get worse.

Just this past week we learned that beloved author Max Lucado was interviewed by Jen Hatmaker on her podcast. Hatmaker’s radical leftist views are now being mainstreamed by people like Lucado, a leader many assume is conservative. In fact, he glowingly endorsed Hatmaker on the podcast.

Point being, while these people don’t often mention Israel, their friends are among the worst “evangelical” leaders dissing the Jewish state.

How insidious is their hatred of Jews and Israel.

So far as we know now, Brenda Crouch has distanced herself from such filth.