2 Sep 2019

Stop Worrying About Israel

I will never understand the Christian worldview that worries about Israel. We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6—“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”). We can read about the trials facing Jews past, present, and future.

Yet, God’s Word literally tells us that He watches over His people. He preserves them and rescues them, time and again. As always, we can translate this reality to our own situation to some degree. If God can achieve such grand things on such a grand stage (all of history), then He can and will see you through your trials. Trust Him in this, every day, all day.

Let me digress here for a moment before getting to the meat of this week’s discussion.

Many of you are facing unimaginable pain, unbearable circumstances. I have, like every human has and does. But I have always simply believed Scripture. God reigns supreme. He is sovereign. I don’t, for example, subscribe to the garbage theology called “Open Theism,” that alleges God doesn’t know certain things. He knows more in the first five minutes of each day than man will ever know. He knows you and where you are. He is interested in all your circumstances. He is the holy, vengeful God of the Old Testament and at the same time the Man of Compassion we see in the gospels.

It’s not even that “nothing is too hard for Him.” It’s that nothing is hard for Him at all.

We can read history and read Scripture and know that God has preserved the Jews just as He said He would. He told us as far back as Moses what would happen and that He would not falter in His promises.

I marvel at that and exult in that. I love it. Every day I think about it.

You can’t sleep at night for worry? Your son has wandered far from the Lord? Your mother-in-law is causing problems? Your husband has strayed? What is your problem?; I have two meanings here. First, What is your problem that you need help with? Secondly, What is your problem? Believe the Lord!

Take your issue to the Lord. Just as Jesus promised in Matthew 11:28, your burden is so great that you can’t handle it. But He can and will and He said so. Just believe it. Just make up your own mind, which you are able to do, that you will believe Jesus and receive the supernatural, peerless help that He promises.

Do you understand how insanely amazing it is that everything He promised about Israel and the Jews has happened, is happening, and will happen? That’s staggering. It’s astonishing.

Remember all this as you perhaps have a few minutes to think over Labor Day. Now, let’s give the backstory to all this.

A few days ago, Israel took out facilities in Syria related to an imminent Iranian drone attack on northern Israel. At least two Hezbollah terrorists were killed, along with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ collective ego. It was a dramatic statement by the IDF, punctuated by the extraordinary publishing of photos of two of the terrorists on a plane, on their way to training in Iran! The almost comical photo of the two smiling stooges underscores the vast gulf between Israel’s capabilities and those of her enemies.

Remember Entebbe? Remember June 1967? Remember Osirik?

Remember, remember, remember?

Take your time and go back as far as you need to. How about Gideon? How about Joshua? How about the establishment of modern Israel a mere six years and five months after the infamous Nazi conference at Wannsee? The German leadership was going to wipe out every Jew on Earth, and three years later Hitler blew his brains out, Goering and Himmler swallowed cyanide, and Germany went into the Dark Ages for a half-century.

Israel flourished.

Now, note the Jerusalem Post’s analysis of the drone strike:

“With Monday morning’s jaw-dropping sharing of a wealth of IDF intelligence about the Iranian drone crew it struck in Lebanon, the power of Israeli intelligence became ever clearer.

“The key to the IDF thwarting the planned attack by Iran on Israel was not merely that it identified the Lebanese operatives working with the Iranians who were en route to carry out their attack, but that it traced the presence of particular operatives involved in using drones on their way to the area before they got there.

“Let’s analyze the information put out by the IDF. First, there were three casualties from the strike, two of whom were Hezbollah operatives being trained by Iran’s external intelligence Quds Force: Hassem Yussuf Zabib from Nabatieh in southern Lebanon, born in 1996, and Yasser Ahmed Tzahr from Beleide village, born in 1997.

“According to the IDF, the two visited Iran several times this year and went through training to operate unmanned aerial vehicles and explosive drones at the Quds Force base.

“Stunningly, there are pictures of the two onboard a flight and near an airplane headed to Iran to take part in some of the training sessions.”

God’s promises are breathtaking, far-reaching, and eternal. Not least, they are impervious to the nonsense wrought by evil.

Please do something this long weekend. Think on these things. Then determine that you will believe God that evil will not win in your life. This is about winning and losing.

Thank the good Lord this weekend that the victory is already yours.

Let me know how it goes.