12 Aug 2019

Loony in Lebanon


We’re one week past my 666th column for Rapture Ready and I feel fine! Nothing bad happened to me last week!

I kid somewhat, but let’s get on to some serious topics. Back to Israel.

One of the things pro Israel folks worry about is the threat of a rocket attack from Hezbollah, based of course in once-beautiful Lebanon.

The country has been so ravaged by civil war and terrorism in the last half-century that it’s hard to imagine anything else holding sway there.

According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“Since its inception, the Lebanese Hezbollah has been inculcating the ideology of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in the Shiites in Lebanon, establishing the personality cult of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, and emphasizing that Hezbollah is totally subject to the Supreme Leader. On the other hand, time and again senior Iranian leaders have stressed Hezbollah’s complete loyalty to Iran and its commitment to the Iranian leadership. Cultivating Khamenei’s personality cult is evidence that Hezbollah regards Iran and its leader the highest source of authority for its strategy, including its military moves against Israel.”

Estimates are that 150,000 rockets are stockpiled by this arch-terror group. Founded six years after the Iranian Revolution (and two years ahead of Hamas), Hezbollah is a para-military wing that has waged much mischief in the area.

“An up-to-date example of the personality cult of Ali Khamenei can be found in the opening ceremony of Hezbollah’s summer activity in southern Lebanon, attended by operatives of Hezbollah’s military and civilian infrastructures. At the end of the ceremony, the participants sang the “Song of Pledge of Allegiance” to the ruling Islamic jurist (wali al-Faqih) Imam Ali Khamenei. The song is also called “We Love Loyalty.” The contents first and foremost express commitment and loyalty to Iranian Leader Khamenei (“We love loyalty, loudly do we pray for Ali Khamenei”). Another motif in the song is solidarity between Hezbollah and other countries where Iran handles proxies among the Shiite communities. The common denominator between Hezbollah and the Shiite communities mentioned in the song (Bahrain, Yemen, and Iraq) is loyalty to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.”

So sharia law holds sway there, crippling the economy, wreaking human rights abuses on the population, and holding out no hope for peace.

Sheik Nasrallah is the leader of these wolves, and Israel has a right to be concerned about the escalation. A recent development, though, involves sanctions on Iran severely curtailing Hezbollah’s activities, since the group is funded almost entirely from Tehran.

Meanwhile, to the south in Cairo, another terror group detonated a bomb near a cancer center, killing 20 people. The government says it was perpetrated by Hassm, a group with allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Remember, the Brotherhood is the head of the snake in the Middle East. This means that while Egypt’s military government is stable at the moment, Israel continues to be caught in a pincer movement between terror groups.

Iranian Brigadier General Mehdi Rabbani claimed Sunday that Hezbollah is stretched across Israel’s border. Israel has warned that a war there would not be confined to Lebanon’s borders, but would extend to Syria as well.

As usual, people get nervous over Iranian saber rattling, but forget the almost comical claims of Middle East despots threatening Israel. Rabbani claims that Iran’s armies are “growing stronger day by day” and that no army can win a ground war against them.”

He must be reading from Saddam Hussein’s PR book. We know how that ended.

Despite the saber rattling from the region’s terrorists, I predict Israel will handle any and all threats. I hope that something will be done to eliminate many or all of them so long as Netanyahu and Trump remain in power.