22 Jul 2019

Enemy in the Camp

There’s been a lot of ink lately about whether Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will deny entry into the country by radical U.S. House members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (of Minnesota and Michigan, respectively).

Omar in particular has been a lightning rod of controversy since her election. The Somalia-born representative of Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which includes Minneapolis, is widely known for her viciously anti-Semitic statements.

Tlaib, perhaps most famous for her extremely vulgar vow to take down President Trump, is from Detroit. Her parents were born in Ramallah and east Jerusalem.

Let me clear about something: there are still far too many Americans who either don’t understand what people like this are, or they stick their heads in the sand.

Maybe that will delay their beheadings one day.

Omar has introduced a pro-BDS resolution into Congress. Of course this refers to the totalitarian-style “Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions” movement designed to cripple Israel economically.

If only.

(By the way, Omar was preceded in office by Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to hop out of the Trojan Horse and land in Congress. He is now attorney general of Minnesota! Their aim is to eventually establish sharia law in the U.S., and conquer our country for Allah. If you don’t believe me, educate yourself.)

The women are apparently headed to Israel soon.

“Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer announced Friday evening that ‘out of respect for the US Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel.’”

It isn’t a sure thing that the visits will take place, but I disagree with the decision to let them enter Israel, if that indeed takes place. Look, Israel’s security is set and I don’t worry about that, but I do question allowing an avowed enemy into your home. From a symbolic standpoint, Omar & Co. should be permanently barred.

I have a theory.

I believe the West has been and is too tolerant of evil. It is endangering us, because the tactic of jihadists (specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood) is to infiltrate, gather strength over many years, then take control. It saddens me very much that our leaders are allowing this to continue.

The recent ridiculous controversy over Trump’s tweet about “The Squad” (including Omar’s buddy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and his view that they can “go back” to where they came from and see how it is…it was allowed to be used as propaganda against the President and his supporters.

Most of us are aware that “America: Love it Or Leave It” has been a mantra of conservatives for years. It’s my mantra.

But this view is now looked on as too intolerant, or not nice.

Amazing! Just like Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the jihadists are telegraphing to us exactly what they have planned for us infidels.

As I said, I don’t worry about Israel’s security, not really. If Netanyahu wants to let another jihadist into the country, that’s his business.

But I am saddened and alarmed that the Muslim Brotherhood playbook is being implemented according to plan. America one day will look very different, and our national weakness will be the cause.

And it should be no surprise that Obama allowed thousands of Somalis to enter our country and settle in Minnesota. Why do you think he did that?

We have enemies among us.