27 May 2019

Foot, Shoot Thyself

The Palestinians are at it again, just as they have been for a hundred years. A lifeline from the West has been thrown into the churning sea that is Arab society and stands ready to help put the Palestinians in a better environment. An economic summit hosted by the U.S. and Bahrain is scheduled for June. The theme is “Peace to Prosperity,” and the overall goal is to lend yet another hand to the Palestinians. According to a report:

“Expected attendees are treasury ministers and businessmen from the Middle East and around the globe. The objective of the workshop is to encourage potential investment in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip that would lead to Palestinian and regional prosperity, which could be made possible by a peace agreement.

“Later, the Americans are planning to release the political aspects of the ‘deal of the century,’ which will concern the unresolved core issues between Israel and the Palestinians.”

And, right on cue, the corrupt Palestinian Authority has denounced the conference:

“Senior Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah figures rushed to announce their unreserved rejection of the economic workshop in Bahrain, despite the severe economic difficulties facing the PA. They stressed that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict demanded a

political resolution, whose consequence would be the economic issue. According to Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh, the components of the political solution are the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with the 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital, and the ‘right of return’ of the Palestinian refugees (Note: The ‘right of return’ means the destruction of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.) So far PA

chairman Mahmoud Abbas has not yet officially responded to the proposed economic workshop but his unconditional rejection can be expected because it is part of the ‘deal of the century,’ which Mahmoud Abbas rejects out of hand.”

I’ve driven through the Jordan Valley and seen firsthand the poverty average Palestinians live in, literally right next to luxurious villas built by and for the PA “leaders.” It’s unconscionable, but so long as the PA and Hamas control the population, this is what you’ll get.

Notice too the fascinating element to this story: Bahrain is a co-host! This is akin to the Saudis also cozying up to the Israelis and Americans. I’m skeptical that these kinds of relationships are genuine on the part of the Arabs, but so long as Iran’s mullahs exist, these partnerships will also exist and even flourish.

Hamas is denouncing the conference partly on the grounds that it promotes “normalization”(!) with Israel. Wow. Imagine that! Imagine some Muslims in the Middle East strolling into the 21st century, from their 7th century perch.

The Saudis and the UAE will also participate in the conference, further sidelining the maniacs in Gaza and the Territories. One can hardly imagine people more evil than Mahmoud Abbas and the Henchmen of Hamas. They shove their own people into a meat-grinder and then sit back by their pools and churn-out more anti-Semitism.

Bashar al-Masri, a Palestinian businessman, has also denounced the conference (no doubt with a gun to the heads of his family members), saying with a straight face that the Palestinians can see themselves to economic prosperity and don’t need foreign intervention! Holy moly. They couldn’t “economic” their way out of a paper bag.

As Christians who support Israel and place a priority on her security, we should also regularly pray for rank-and-file Palestinians who are abused by their own leadership.

Much is at stake.