31 Dec 2018

Damascus Fever

President Trump’s abrupt announcement to pull our troops out of Syria has folks in a dither. General Mattis resigned as Defense Secretary, but as someone pointed out, he’s a globalist, anyway. He had previously advised Trump not to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with the usual dire predictions of what would happen.

Personally, for what it’s worth, I think the Trump Doctrine of America First is wise and welcome. He’s already making other countries pay for their own wars, conflicts we have been funding.

Why not try this?

As to Israel and what that means on the northern border, does anyone seriously believe Israel is not prepared for any contingency?

The Israel Aerospace Industries just announced production of a new type of wing for the F-35, which will make it invisible to radar.

“The expansion of IAI’s collaboration with Lockheed Martin ‘is another proof of the deep partnership and trust’ the American manufacturer has with Israel’s leader in defense production, said Lockheed Martin Israel’s CEO, Joshua ‘Shiki’ Shani, adding that ‘The precision, technological components, personnel and manufacturing quality needed for the wings of the F-35s require the highest standards. IAI has proven its capabilities in the production line in the hundreds of wings produced so far, and we expect to commence operations in their coating field, which is another layer in the overall manufacturing process of the F-35 aircraft.’”

(And did you catch that, Joshua Shani? He is the pilot that flew the lead plane to Entebbe in 1976.)

This is an example of Israel’s capabilities, which far surpass Russia, Iran, etc.

I’m not minimizing the threat from Syria, which is still rotting in a stew of civil war and expansionism by some really bad players in the region.

It’s more likely the various bad players jockeying for position in Syria will pick each other off. And with “lesser” power plays, such as the Kurds fighting the Turks, there is plenty of drama for Russia, Iran, and Syria.

One last thing. I’d like to take another opportunity to caution people not to jump to conclusions about Syria and Israel, with regard to Isaiah 17. I know, I know. Damascus will be destroyed. I believe that.

But honestly? We hurt our witness with the outside world when we continually claim that the latest dust-up has us on the edge of the Final War.

What we know, because God’s Word tells us, is that one day, Damascus will cease to exist. That is still future.

What we can’t know is that the chess pieces being moved right now in the region are directly, soon, leading to a fulfillment of Isaiah 17.

Let’s leave the timing to God.

Our mandate is to share the Good News with the world until the end comes. Using predictive prophecy as an evangelism tool is a good way to do that.

God will take care of Israel.