3 Dec 2018

Make It Count 

Warning: unconventional “Israel Watch” column straight ahead.

In a dozen years, I’ve recommended resources from time to time. Not often. My background in publishing still compels me to make suggestions from time to time for those who are pro Israel. I do believe one of our weaknesses is lack of education.

I just noticed this week—if I can be frank—that another pro Israel confab by Christian leadership was held…to the waste of everyone’s time.

For 25 years I’ve advocated for Israel in one form or another. In my opinion, much of Christian Zionist leadership mismanages money and resources in almost obscene ways. In this way, they run parallel to the more openly outlandish and useless ministries, such as faith healers and personal brand builders like Andy Stanley.

My experience tells me that worthy beneficiaries of the rank-and-file’s hard-earned donation money are few and far between. The lion’s share is obtained by either outright scammers, or those who waste resources.

In other words, those who are doing the best work advocating for Israel are doing so on an old, rotting, threadbare shoestring.

It makes me angry.

I know too many organizations and big names that work to simply perpetuate their own brand. Sort of like a politician that cares nothing for constituents, but everything about salary, pension, benefits.

There are heads of pro Israel ministries that jet set around the world, blog, host conferences, and generally tread water. They are as valuable to the cause as a tireless getaway car is to a bank-robber.

Yet they continue with their large annual budgets and at the end of the year, their genuine accomplishments for Israel would fit into the front pocket of an old work shirt.

Then there are individuals like Brian Schrauger. Brian is a friend, an American who now lives in Israel. His Jerusalem Journal and Chaim Report are superb. Brian actually reports what’s happening on the ground. He is right there. No support staff, no $100K website. No lunches with evangelical bigs who just want to be seen.

But he is the best Israel correspondent I know about, seriously. In short, he thinks like us and keeps us informed.

One of my favorite moments came last year when we lunched at Mamilla Mall, overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City.

If you’d like to donate to Brian’s critically important work, email him directly at Brian@JerusalemJournal.net. Or, you can send support online at https://www.jerusalemjournal.net/donate.

He explains what he’s doing with the Chaim Report:

“Inspired by the Drudge Report, the Chaim Report (a publication of the Jerusalem Journal) is a 24/7 aggregation of Israel-related news from publications here in Israel — and from around the world.

“The Chaim Report is the only website dedicated to bringing viewers the best selection of news from the best sources of news—and all from Israeli perspectives.

“The idea is to give you an up-to-date and top-quality collection of stories every day of the year.”

This will be the only resource I recommend for at least the next year. I believe in it that much, and I’m mindful of your resources, believe me. We’re all in this together.

As you look forward to Christmas and time with your family, and focusing on our Savior, if you are also looking for a place to send monthly support that will bless Israel and you, remember Brian.

Thank you!