12 Nov 2018

Persian Nights

Well, things aren’t so fun in Iran these days, only a few years after Obama’s diabolical aid to Iran. A new president is getting in the way. That’s just one obstacle for the mullahs.

The U.S. just imposed a second round of tight sanctions on Tehran. Iran, of course, is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. The menacing group leading the country to ruin had enjoyed a green light from the West, until Trump showed up.

Now Israel has done it again.

Years after Iran’s leadership promised to wipe Israel off the map, the Jewish state continues thwarting the Iranian goal of having operational nuclear weapons.

“Iran’s telecommunications minister accused Israel of a new cyberattack on the Islamic Republic, the same day that US sanctions (which were lifted by the 2015 nuclear deal ) were reimposed.

“This comes days after Iran said it had neutralized a new version of the Stuxnet virus.”

Israel, which does not take official credit for these cyber attacks on Iran, has gotten under the mullahs’ skin.

“In a series of tweets, Telecommunication Minister Mohammad Javad Azeri Jahromi blamed Israel for the attack, saying it targeted Iran’s communications infrastructure and that Iran would sue for the cyberattack via international bodies.

“’The Zionist regime, with its dark record of using cyber weapons such as Stuxnet computer virus, launched a cyberattack on Iran on Monday to harm the country’s communication infrastructures,’ Jahromi said in a tweet on Monday, adding that ‘thanks to the vigilance of [Iranian] technical teams, it [Israel] returned empty-handed.’”

Really? Doubtful. Israel is always three or 30 steps ahead of her enemies. And notice this final hilarious tidbit:

“According to Iran’s Tasnim news agency, Jahromi’s deputy Hamid Fattahi said that more details of the alleged Israeli cyber strikes would be made public in the coming days. Last week, General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of the military unit in charge of combating sabotage, said that President Hassan Rouhani’s cell phone had been tapped, and would be replaced with a more secure device.”

Rouhani’s personal cell phone was tapped! Genius.

There are other disturbing signs that Iran continues to make mischief, and one in particular is worrisome:

“In a meeting with families of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) fighters killed in Syria and Iraq, the Supreme Leader of Iran once again justified Iran’s military involvement in the region. He declared that if it were not for the Iranian fighters who enthusiastically joined the campaign, Iran’s enemies would have reached locations only a few kilometers away from the holy Shi’ite sites in Iraq.

“Following the establishment of the new government in Baghdad [of incoming Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi], senior Iranian officials congratulated the incoming Iraqi leadership and called for deepening of ties between the two countries. Last week, hundreds of thousands of Iranians took part in pilgrimage to Shi’ite holy sites in Iraq held forty days after the Ashoura’ fast (Arbayeen).”

Iran has had designs on taking over Iraq ever since Saddam was swinging from the end of a rope. Sometimes unintended consequences create real problems. Decimating Saddam’s regime left Iraq greatly weakened with regard to her neighbor, Iran.

It isn’t inconceivable that the two countries will one day team up to present a lethal threat on Israel’s doorstep. I’ve never believed Iraq would join the community of freedom-loving countries.

But in the meantime, Israel is keeping its promise to never allow another Holocaust.