10 Sep 2018


I watched an extraordinary movie over the weekend: “Operation Finale.” It was the true story of the Mossad’s capture of Nazi war criminal (and Holocaust mastermind) Adolph Eichmann. If you get the chance to see it in a select theatre, please do so.

The 1960 operation, in Argentina, brought to justice a fiend responsible for millions of Jewish deaths. Members of the squad sent by David Ben Gurion were conflicted in what should be Eichmann’s fate. One or two wanted to kill him outright; others said no, it is better to bring him to Israel and try him.

They did so and the overwhelming evidence rendered a guilty verdict. Eichmann was hanged in Jerusalem on June 1, 1962.

I thought about this issue of justice. Jewish tormenters still operate out in the open today. There are millions of Eichmanns.

Terror activity on the Gaza border has now “lessened” to the extent that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has decided to reopen the Erez Crossing, allowing Palestinians more freedom of movement.

A report said this:

“A Fatah delegation arrived in Cairo and held a short round of talks with the Egyptians. The talks again illustrated the negative role played by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which links the arrangement with Israel with the internal Palestinian reconciliation. The PA has also threatened to impose additional sanctions on Hamas if it reaches an arrangement with Israel without PA participation. A Hamas spokesman said the talks in Egypt were being postposed for a few days. According to the Egyptians, the postponement is meant to give the Fatah leadership time to consult with Mahmoud Abbas about the proposals that had been made.”

This is madness. Consulting Abbas? He is a war criminal! So long as the Palestinians are allowed to have leeway in all this, terror will continue.

Rioting thugs at the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus hampered Jewish worshippers. Molotov cocktails and an IED were thrown and set in order to harm the IDF presence.

President Trump has said that the issue of Jerusalem had been “taken off the table,” further enraging the Palestinians. The White House has also announced a $200 million reduction in aid to the dysfunctional Palestinians, and of course it’s not their fault.

At what point do Israel’s enemies take sole responsibility? Eichmann didn’t, to the end. He said he was following orders. He watched children be shot in front of their parents.

Today, the Palestinian Authority fiend Saeb Erekat has accused the U.S. of harming the Arabs at Israel’s expense. According to the thuggish Erekat:

“The decision revealed the true significance of American foreign aid, which is intervention in the internal affairs of other nations and influencing their national freedom of choice (Wafa, August 25, 2018). On August 25, 2018, in an interview with al-Mayadeen, he claimed that the American decision to cut its foreign aid was an attempt to blackmail the Palestinians, and that the United States and Israel were trying to exploit the situation in the Gaza Strip to harm them.”

What utter nonsense.

I get that Jews are moral and want to take the moral high road. This though has led to more Israeli deaths, because the Enemy will not stop until it is broken completely. This is what I advocate. Only a truly innovative approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict has a chance to bring some real peace, but I doubt that will happen. I advocate a different home for the Arabs, outside Israel’s borders.

And if we are looking at things prophetically, it is worth noting a conference held in Japan last month. Dubbed the UN’s Conference for the Arms Trade Treaty (the U.S. will keep her weapons thanks, and the message comes from the crew of the U.S.S. Arizona), the event sponsors hosted among others Omar Hijazi, an aide to the Palestinian foreign minister for multilateral relations.

Whatever that is. Just another PA thug growing rich off foreign aid and his own people’s misery. He should be dragged out into the street so he can answer to his constituents, instead of protected by Western and Eastern diplomats.

The event was held in Tokyo, and “Palestine” has been a member of the conference since March of this year.

Did you get that? A country that doesn’t exist is being shoved down Israel’s throat. This will all have its own Operation Finale when the prophecies of Zechariah are fulfilled.

Which won’t be long from now.

Justice is coming.