6 Aug 2018

Churches for Israel?

I am very curious lately about the profile of a pro Israel Christian. You also are aware that I’ve ranted in this space about slipping support for Israel. We’ve discussed the reasons many times, chief of which is the de-emphasis on Israel by today’s evangelical “leaders.”

I don’t look for that to change any time soon, but I do think there are still thousands of churches out there that would identify as pro Israel. Obviously, that would almost require a pro Israel pastor (since they are the gatekeepers for better or worse), but some might consider themselves pro Israel even if the pastor isn’t necessarily on fire for Zion.

There are some good organizations that support Israel, but I’m not really aware of any entity that is exclusively dedicated to networking among churches.

I’ve heard from speakers that in each congregation, about 10 percent of the members are really engaged with Israel. Some will listen politely, some will be angry, and some will find their hearts moved toward the Jewish people.  The latter is the end-goal.

So, if a congregation of 500 hears a pro Israel/Bible prophecy speaker, about 50 will be real allies. Wish it were more, but that’s a good and precious start. Those 50 are very important to the cause. Things are helped immeasurably if the pastor is engaged.

Of the, say, 4.1 million members of CUFI, how many are from pro Israel churches? Are the majority individuals who love Israel and the Jews? I don’t know, but it’s an interesting question.

The churches are the funnels for all sorts of information going to the public, to the evangelical community specifically. For at least 15 years, much of that information has been toxic. By that I mean Rick Warren’s man-centered wisdom, Andy Stanley’s assaults on the integrity of Scripture, Stephen Furtick’s me-centered theology, etc.

I simply wish there were more pro Israel churches networking together, and I’d like to help do that.

If you belong to a pro Israel church, anywhere, please email me and I’ll enter that into a database. I don’t want anything from you, other than to compile a database. It would be fascinating to know just how many of you there are out there.

Let’s keep this going; send to your lists and help compile the premier pro Israel church database!