2 Jul 2018

Reversal of Fortunes

Well, well, well.

Now that Trump has encouraged North Korea’s Blofeld to “modify” his behavior, terror regimes the world over are quaking in their jackboots.

Now comes word that the Iranian people—no enemies of America—are holding massive protests, with an eye toward toppling the jihad regime in Tehran.

A recent tweet from journalist Sohrab Ahmari tells the tale:

“MUST-WATCH: Crowds in Iran are chanting “Death to Palestine!” Not to Israel. Not to America. But to Palestine. Hamas and Hezbollah and Palestinian Jihad can kiss their Iranian funding goodbye if the regime falls.”

He believes Iran and Turkey are “switching places.”

From a piece he just published in Commentary:

“Bernard Lewis issued a startling prediction in 2010: Iran—the land of scowling ayatollahs and flag burnings—would abandon Islamism by the end of the decade, while Turkey—Washington’s stalwart Cold War ally—would turn away from the West and burrow deeper into its Muslim identity. Lewis is no longer with us, and there are still a few years left in his wager, but events in both countries are proving him remarkably prescient.”

Erdogan in Turkey “won” his election over the weekend, and his increasingly strident, Islamist tone is dangerous. He would no doubt love to replace the mullahs of Iran as the preeminent thug government in the region.

According to Ahmari:

“It is high time to recognize that, for now, Turkey is lost to the West.”

Notice how responsible he is in his opinion writing; he says “for now.” No dogmatic insistence that Turkey will do this, this, and this for the next 50 years. Just a reasonable observation in the present. Many prophecy teachers could take a lesson.

Now he turns his attention to Iran:

“The latest slogan: ‘Death to Palestine!’

“You read that right. In a country that has become synonymous with Holocaust-denial cartoon contests and threats to wipe Israel off the map, people are chanting ‘Death to Palestine.’ Iranians don’t have a beef with Palestinians, of course. But they have had it with their regime’s decades-long underwriting of Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Palestinian terror groups. Why is our national wealth going to Gaza, they ask, rather than to Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz? The regime has no good answer to such questions. It has to resort to the truncheon, and that may work for a time, perhaps for many more years. But not forever.”

Iranian truck drivers, teachers, steelworkers, hospital staff, and railway employees are on strike. You can bet they didn’t see a penny of the $150 billion Obama gave the mullahs.

Ahmari makes a very interesting point. Even if the mullahs are overthrown, no one is really sure what will follow. And, historically, modern Iran has been a socialist-type state, where land ownership for the citizenry is almost unheard of. Still, seeing the Islamist fundamentalists thrown into the trash bin would be wonderful for all involved.

It is all very similar to pre-and-post-Czarist Russia. The czars were either average or beastly, and yet the Bolsheviks that followed were catastrophically evil.

So while no one knows what is coming down the pike, we can look forward with glee to the day the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism globally comes crashing down.

Thanks for nothing, Jimmy Carter.



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