7 May 2018

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The Ottoman Archives

Whenever we discuss the Palestinians, and the peace process, or anything else related to Israel’s security and sovereignty, we must remember that the Arabs will never stop agitating and inciting to violence, in order to—in their minds—begin the “liberation of Palestine.”

This is key, and must be kept in mind. It prevents flights from reality—those that believe there is a negotiation or a concession, somewhere, that will appease the Palestinians and make them settle for a lasting peace with the Israelis.

In the past year or so, I have moved largely away from interacting even with pro Israel groups. I do because I have what I call “Jabotinsky Syndrome.”

I believe Jabotinsky was right.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a Russian Jew in the last century, understood that the Jews of Europe were in peril, even long before Hitler emerged. He argued for Jews to settle in Palestine and make a national home, where they could finally defend themselves. His perceived harshness actually would have saved many lives, if his words had been heeded on a bigger scale.

He co-founded the Jewish Legion, a British army detachment during World War I that saw action in the Middle East. The Turkish Ottoman Empire controlled Palestine at the time, and was on the opposite side of the British during the Great War.

In 1936, Jabotinsky prepared an “evacuation plan” for Jews in Poland, Hungary, and Romania. Among other snags, the British government vetoed it. The volcano’s edge that Jabotinsky warned Jews were living next to would later engulf them.

He died suddenly of a heart attack while visiting New York in 1940. Among his disciples were Benzion Netanyahu and Menachem Begin.

Point being, Jabotinsky understood people. He understood the Arab mindset with regard to the Jews.

But many pro Israel groups, even the Christian ones, would believe Jabotinsky was a primate brute. In fact, he was a realist.

I do not believe in a Two-State solution. I believe the Palestinian leadership proved long ago incapable of working for peace. They really do want to exterminate Jews and destroy Israel.

This week it was reported that the Palestinian Authority is working with Israel’s “new” enemy, Turkey, in combing through Ottoman archives to prove Arab land ownership in Judea-Samaria/the West Bank.

According to a report published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“This activity was revealed in a recent interview granted to the Wafa News Agency by Judge Moussa Shakarneh, the new chairman of the Palestinian Land Authority (April 7, 2018). In the interview, Judge Shakarneh said that the land settlement and registration process in the West Bank had already begun and that no one would be able to stop it. According to him, half of the land registration activities are carried out in Area C and in the Jerusalem area as part of a ‘strategic move’ by the Palestinian leadership aimed at protecting the Palestinian lands and establishing the Palestinians’ right to them.

“According to him, this move also implements the ‘right of return’ through the registration of land belonging to

Palestinians living abroad. The PA’s registration activity is carried out in addition to the PA’s cooperation with Turkey.

“This cooperation includes the transfer of documents from the Ottoman archive to the PA, in order to prove Palestinian ownership of land in Judea and Samaria and to prevent Israel from taking it over. At the present time, the Palestinians are placing an emphasis on documenting the Palestinian waqf ownership (religious endowments) of Palestinian land in the Jerusalem area, with the assistance of the Ottoman archive which they received from the Turks (including land registration documents throughout the Ottoman Empire in 1517-1914).”

A huge advantage enjoyed by the PA is global cooperation in their hatred of the Jewish state. Like Mexicans joining mass protests on America’s southern border, these radicals will continue to push and agitate for swamping Israel with the “right of return.” If that means offering-up real or forged documents claiming land ownership, they will do it. If it means one day gathering many thousands on Israel’s borders, forcing the Israelis to choose between being overrun, or defending themselves, the PA/Hamas will do it.

And their international friends will approve, whether it be NPR hosts, evangelical leaders, the Pope, international diplomats, the Media, etc.

They never give it a rest.

I’ve mentioned recently my annoyance at some pro Israel groups, particularly Christian ones, that take a soft approach of “dialogue” with Palestinians, or support for a Two-State solution. Much money is wasted in these organizations as they opt for a much tamer strategy.

When faced with an existential threat, such strategies will get you killed. Better to take the Jabotinsky way and bolster your deterrent depth and keep peace through strength.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s brilliant presentation this week of Iran’s cheating in the “nuclear deal” will of course be savaged by the Left. Meanwhile evangelical leaders, formerly Israel’s best friends in the world, will continue to move toward a George Soros worldview.

In other words, one day sooner rather than later, Israel will find herself alone.

Then the world will not be able to plead foolishly, “There is no God.”