Apr 2, 2018

Silver Anniversaries, Silver Linings

Later this year, the international political, diplomatic, and religious Establishment will celebrate the monstrous Oslo Accords, signed on the White House lawn. Bill Clinton, who had probably put his pants on five minutes before putting his arms around Rabin and Arafat, presided over a deal that marked thousands of Israelis for death and mayhem.

The data shows us that from 1949 to 1992, Arabs murdered 1,176 Israeli Jews. The next set of “statistics” will make you really sick.

Since 1994, another 1,538 have been murdered by terrorists. Did you catch that? Since the Oslo deal was signed, putting a new suit on the ghastly PLO and turning it into the “Palestinian Authority,” still led by the serial killer Yasser Arafat, more Jews were murdered than in the previous 44 years!

This is on the West. George Herbert Walker Bush felt he had the political capital to spend after the First Gulf War, so he forced the Israelis to the negotiating table with their sworn enemy.

That’s no. 1.

Next, Clinton was barely out of the watermelon patch down in Hope when he continued the smooth transition to damaging Israel’s deterrence. And think of the secretaries of state—the whole bumbling lot of them (Warren Christopher, the mendacious James Baker, Madeleine Albright, etc.)—that coddled the PLO.

Empty suits, all.

Then you factor-in the diplomats like Martin Indyk and Dennis Ross, and you see the pattern: cool, urbane elites (theoreticians) dictating to the heroic Israeli people.

Ichabod was stamped above the House of American Diplomacy long, long ago.  They are partly responsible for 3,000 Israeli funerals.

Also complicit are the religious groups that have fawned over the PLO fiends. From the United Methodist leadership, especially in the ‘90s, to mainstream evangelicals like Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention…either they openly identify with the Arabs (UMC), or they bash friends of Israel like Trump (Moore). Further, Moore’s thirst for the world’s approval and his Reformed friends within Evangelicalism cause him to be “cool” to Israel.

And lest you think I detest Arabs, I don’t. I detest murderous Arabs. Had the Israelis been able to work with the likes of Lebanon’s Bashir Gemayel (assassinated on the orders of Assad the Elder), and perhaps a reasonable Palestinian leadership, then any deal would have been better than no deal.

(An aside: I also detest the Right’s refusal to fight. This ranges from our “elected officials” to the weak-kneed Evangelical “leadership,” which is almost thoroughly corrupt in America.)

Twenty-five years after the disaster on the White House lawn, Israelis are still being murdered by the murderers emboldened by the weak West.

From the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

“On March 18, 2018, an Israeli civilian was killed in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was the eighth significant terrorist attack during the first two and a half months of 2018. Four of the eight attacks resulted in the deaths of Israeli civilians and soldiers. The high degree of lethality of popular terrorism attacks (what Mahmoud Abbas refers to as ‘the peaceful popular resistance’) continues the trend of popular terrorism attacks carried out in 2017. In 2017 there was a sharp decline (about 42%) in the scope of popular terrorism attacks compared with 2016 but there was no decline in the number of Israelis killed in the attacks: 18 in 2017 and 17 in 2016.

“What makes popular terrorism attacks in 2017 and the beginning of 2018 more lethal? In ITIC assessment it is primarily a result of an increase in the operational capabilities of the lone wolf terrorists and the terrorist networks carrying out the attacks. Those who have carried out the attacks have sometimes abandoned the element of spontaneity that characterized the wave of popular terrorism in its first year. The age of some of the terrorists carrying out lethal attacks seems to be higher than in the past. Apparently one aspect of the increasing operational capabilities is the surveillance of the Israeli security forces’ routine activities on the ground, carried out to expose their weak spots, especially in order to carry out vehicular and stabbing attacks, which are the most lethal. Another aspect of the improving of the terrorists capabilities is the success some of them have had in fleeing the scene of the attack and hiding from the Israeli security forces for a number of weeks.”

From this assessment we move to the human side of the equation:

“On March 18, 2018, an Israeli civilian was mortally stabbed and died in the hospital. The attack was carried out on Hagai Street in the Old City of Jerusalem. The stabber was a 28 year-old Palestinian from the village of Aqraba, southeast of Nablus. He had a permit to enter Jerusalem to look for work.”

I’ve walked there many times. Now notice the location of the terror nests:

“Another aspect is that three of the lethal terrorist attacks of the first two and a half months of 2018 were carried out in the Nablus-northern Samaria region. The fourth lethal attack in the Old City of Jerusalem was carried out by a terrorist from the village of Aqraba, southeast of Nablus. That is in contrast to 2017, when the Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron regions were the leading regions for popular terrorism attacks. The appearance of the Nablus region as a hub of terrorist attacks in 2018 is new (although it is also possible that eventually the statistics will even out and show that in 2018 the Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron region played a central role in popular terrorism).

“Abd al-Hakim ‘Asi, the terrorist who carried out the stabbing attack in Ariel (February 5, 2018) was detained on March 18, 2018, in Nablus, after intensive security forces’ activities and intelligence efforts. Ahmed Nasr Jarar, one of the terrorists who carries out the shooting attack at the Havat Gilad Junction (January 9, 2018) was killed by the Israeli security forces in the village of Yamoun in northern Samaria on February 6, 2018, in a joint Israeli security force activity what required an intensive intelligence effort.”

I would flatten that village, and I would flatten Nablus. From the air.

My view is not popular, and of course invites harsh criticism, because, after all, how can a Christian advocate that kind of violence?

We have different definitions.

I believe our toleration of murder of our friends in Israel (and now the murder of our fellow citizens by jihadists) is a failure to defend our own. It is violent. That is my first priority.

More than 1,500 murdered since Western elites hitched Israel to Oslo.

Our Jewish friends are targets in the same war that targets us Christians. As Raymond Ibrahim so aptly put it:

“The Western elements that are forever protecting and empowering Islam—and which operate under various names, “Liberals,” “Leftists,” “Marxists,” etc.—ultimately care little about Islam; rather, Islam is for them a tool to combat their real and much closer enemy: Christianity, and the mores and civilization borne of it and culminating in the West.”

I loathe the murder of Jews and I loathe the murder of my fellow citizens. That is my moral compass.

Are there any silver linings? I think the fact that many are waking up to these threats is a big silver lining. If our enemies win, their victory will be so costly they will not enjoy any fruits of their victory.

And my King is coming, and coming soon.

Push on to final victory.








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