Mar 12, 2018

Paying Murderers

Just one of the many indications that Palestinian leadership is evil AND stupid comes in the form of payments to terrorists’ families.

It was revealed this week that President-for-Life Mahmoud Abbas had approved the 2018 PA budget, stating that a full seven percent of that budget must go to the families of dead terrorists.

Of course, the Holocaust denier isn’t touched by such fiscal idiocy, since he lives in a plush villa, literally overlooking his poverty stricken subjects. The PA has increased these payments by $56 million, now to over a staggering $400 million.

One has to wonder about the sanity of foreign governments—including our own—that fund these maniacs. A report in the Jerusalem Post reveals the use of this blood money.

“’Murderers like the ones who killed the Fogel family’ – two Palestinians killed five out of eight members of the family in Itamar, including a three-month-old, in 2011 – ‘are heroes to the PA. This is not a whim. It’s in the PA’s constitution,’ [Avi] Dichter added.

“The PA paid terrorists and their families more than $347million in 2017. Terrorists who have been sentenced to three to five years in Israeli prisons receive the average income of a Palestinian, about $580 per month. The families of those who committed more severe crimes and were involved in killing Israelis receive five times that each month for the rest of their lives.

“Terrorists receive more from the PA if they are married, for each child they have, if they live in Jerusalem or if they’re an Israeli citizen.”

A bill is up for vote in the Knesset that would require the Israeli government to deduct the amount the PA is paying terrorists from taxes and tariffs collected on behalf of the PA.

At least the Israelis have a moral pulse. What would be even better is if the foreign aid lavished on the Palestinians was cut off altogether. For 25 years, the Western world has paid billions to the PA, itself a terrorist organization.

And if you visit “east Jerusalem,” where so many Arabs live, including and especially the Old City markets, you’ll find plenty of posters and other propaganda lionizing these terrorist murderers. I’ve watched European tourists lap-up cheap souvenirs (including “Free Palestine” t-shirts, which depict all of Israel), chatting-up Palestinian merchants, while the faces of “shaheeds” (martyrs) stare from posters.

Hamas is celebrated in these venues.

This sick culture has been pacified and even nurtured for years by people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who do not care about people. They certainly don’t care about the Jews who are murdered by the PA.

I don’t believe regular working Americans have the time or energy to demand regularly that our government cut off funding to this evil entity.

But I wish they did.


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