Feb 26, 2018

President Netanyahu and Prime Minister Trump

Have you ever seen two politicians so similar as Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump?

The Israeli premier and his counterpart in the White House are vilified by their opponents and beloved by their supporters.

Both are obviously also pro Israel. I believe Trump is genuinely so.

Twenty years ago, a column was written entitled, “The Year of Hating Bibi.” In it, the writer was outlining the media hatred of Netanyahu, then in his first tenure as prime minister of the Jewish state.

Today, Netanyahu is embroiled in an investigation into whether he accepted gifts in exchange for political favors. Trump of course is being attacked based on alleged Russian connections during his presidential campaign. Trump is politically safer, but Netanyahu—though no wrongdoing has been proven—could be driven from office.

“The Zionist Union and Meretz took moves on Wednesday to prepare for an early election, in light of the breakneck developments in corruption scandals involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“In a letter to Zionist Union MKs, party leader Avi Gabbay wrote on Tuesday night: ‘The events of the last two days and recent hours make very clear: The Netanyahu era is over. We must prepare for an election soon.

“’The criminal house of cards the prime minister built in recent years – corrupting the civil service, harming the rule of law, threatening freedom of the press and more than all else, dividing Israeli society – is crashing on him and around him,’ Gabbay added.

Notice how similar is the language of Gabbay to that of Trump’s opponents. Wild accusations, relentless media coverage, and unprecedented personal attacks. This is the tactic of the Left.

Netanyahu of course is hated for putting the brakes on Oslo, for the last 25 years. This has made him a prime target of the Left, and they don’t give up.

Trump’s “Russia” connections have never been proven, but his enemies in Washington are no less committed. And I include in this list Republican Establishment types Senator Lindsey Graham, “conservative” publisher Bill Kristol, and evangelical potentate Russell Moore.

Trump’s enemies will never rest, although removing a sitting president via impeachment is a very remote strategy. I would go so far as to say that if such an effort were successful, we would then be looking at the Second Civil War. Literally.

Still, because Netanyahu and Trump are strong on terrorism and are the greatest champions of “Israel First” and “America First” worldview, they are viciously maligned by the Left, which includes key, entrenched operatives ranging from the political, to media, to religious communities. It is choreographed, very deep, and malevolent.

Frontpage is probably the best source for understanding the attacks on Trump. A recent piece shed light on the Russia probe:

“A Dutch lawyer unconnected to the unproven claim the Trump campaign somehow colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 election has pled guilty to lying to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators.

“This failure – yet again – to indict a Trump campaign official in connection with the campaign’s allegedly collusive behavior appears to constitute another tacit admission by Mueller that the Left’s electoral collusion conspiracy theory that he was commissioned to investigate is utter nonsense. Charging all these people with lying, instead of with anything related to collusion, is likely a prosecutorial tactic to pressure somebody somewhere into doing something. Mueller’s real target seems to be former Trump campaign manager Paul J. Manafort Jr.”

The probe is similar to that of the one in Israel: Netanyahu’s political enemies are actually spearheading the investigation, including Yair Lapid!

Each leader would no doubt win a “reverse-election” by a landslide, if they could run in the other’s country, and switch places.

This is a Churchill Moment. The vibrancy of both the Trump and Netanyahu camps is that important, as civilization stands on the edge of seismic changes that are not good.

The similarities between the two leaders are striking and historical.

Let us not put too much stock into strictly political solutions to the world’s many problems, but let us resolve to pray even harder for Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump.