Aug 14, 2017

Bouncing Bibi?

Lots of fears out there that corruption charges will topple Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, and even perhaps repeat the fate of former premier Ehud Olmert, who went to prison for similar things.

The global community is actually watching a potential indictment of Netanyahu with great interest. The Likud leader has been hated for years by Western diplomats and politicians. His political head on a platter would delight many.

Christian supporters of Israel of course have long loved “Bibi,” but in my view, too many are too worried about his political fate. For one thing, remember that only two years ago, he roared back from “certain defeat” in early elections to vanquish his rival, Isaac Herzog. One of Netanyahu’s enemies, the New York Times, took of the surprising results:

“TEL AVIV — After a bruising campaign focused on his failings, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel won a clear victory in Tuesday’s elections and seemed all but certain to form a new government and serve a fourth term, though he offended many voters and alienated allies in the process.

“It was a stunning turnabout from the last pre-election polls published Friday, which showed the Zionist Union, led by Isaac Herzog, with a four- or five-seat lead and building momentum, and the Likud polling close to 20 seats.”

A wily veteran like Netanyahu has been in the battles many times, even many of them being real battles. A man who fights for his country and puts his life on the line is not a slender branch trembling in the wind.

I think his friends and supporters should follow his example. If he were driven from office, what can we do about it? Frankly (and I was guilty of the following for years), many Christian Zionists have it backwards: events and dark forces control things.

The opposite is true.

When the Israelites were shrieking and screaming at Moses for “dragging” them into the desert, God pushed Pharaoh’s face into the toilet and held it there until the Egyptian quit kicking.

When the world mocked after the dispersion of the Jews from their homeland, God preserved them for 2,000 years around the world.

When a joint Syrian-Egyptian sneak attack knocked the Israelis off their feet for 24 hours in October, 1973, the Lord sent them packing.

Time after time, God proves faithful and little men quack and snort for a little while, then blow away with the wind.

Look, I don’t want Netanyahu to leave office until he wants to and at 67 that might not be for a long time (he’s already served what is an eternity for Israeli premiers, spending most of the past decade in power). His father lived to be 102.

But civilization won’t collapse if a new leader emerges in Jerusalem. Iran won’t destroy Israel if even the weakest ninny sits in Jerusalem.

Interestingly, one legitimate name thrown around as a potential replacement for Netanyahu is very intriguing:

Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett.

The rightwing, nationalist Bennett is a combat veteran and a hawk. He might be an upgrade from Netanyahu in certain aspects.

We won’t know for a while yet whether the politically motivated charges against Netanyahu will stick. I well remember during his first term two decades ago, folks were squawking because he spent $30,000 a year on cigars. I once met with Olmert in his office and when the door was opened, I couldn’t see him for five seconds while the cigar smoke dissipated.

Politicians do certain things and frankly, they all do certain things they probably shouldn’t. Just know that a leader like Netanyahu will always be opposed by his sinister ideological enemies, precisely as Donald Trump is being opposed by enemies right now, including those in his own party.

Please stop worrying about the outcome of the latest Bibi saga. Enjoy your life a little, read the Bible, decorate your home for fall. Bounce the grandkids on your knee.

Just don’t wring your hands over a blip on the eternal clock.

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