Jun 26, 2017

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 The Bible Sets Parameters

Our world today is dominated by secularists, and chaos. Because man attempts to solve his own problems (not so different from the loony “change the world” mantra of so many evangelical leaders), common sense is suppressed. What seems obvious to some is not seen the same way by conventional wisdom.

A prime example is the Arab-Israeli conflict. In the real world, if one party repeatedly chooses the wrong path, that party would be fired, let loose from a relationship, or found guilty in a court of law.

Not so with the Palestinians.

In a world that made sense, Israel would be supported internationally and the Palestinian leadership would have been charged with war crimes. Yasser Arafat would have finished his time on earth in some Tunisian cave as a missile pierced the entrance.

But instead, the delusion of the Oslo Accords continues to serve as a stupefying example of wrong thinking.

As a believer, I actually take comfort in this, because it confirms the authenticity of the Bible. What do I mean?

The Bible does not describe anywhere a man-centered program for peace. It does not look ahead to Dennis Ross and Jimmy Carter and Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon hammering-out a peace deal.

It does describe a period of increasing chaos in which Israel becomes more of an international pariah. As I’ve stated many times, the book of Zechariah offers a remarkably detailed narrative in which the nations will finally attempt to eliminate the Jewish people, and God intervenes.

God intervenes.

End of story.

The difficulties we see each day are hard to watch. Obviously. But they are necessary and signal that the endgame approaches.

Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt have been dispatched to help set up a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Yet all indications are (from polls, on-sight interviews, etc.) that the Palestinians will continue to refuse recognizing the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

As Gaza sits in spiritual and literal darkness, the world frets and blames Israel for not providing electricity.

When an Israeli soldier is stabbed to death by a terrorist, mainstream media reports that a Palestinian was killed today in Jerusalem.

President Trump breaks a campaign promise by refusing to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

This is madness.

But it’s necessary.

This week, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon gave some advice to Trump’s team: manage Middle East conflicts and stop trying to find a solution to the Palestinian issue.

“’If the Americans would ask me, I would say they still have to be a global policeman,’ Ya’alon said. ‘There are signs they are more proactive in the region, which is positive. But we should tell them that on the Palestinian front, there is no chance for a permanent agreement or even a temporary agreement.’ The American administration should manage conflicts in the Middle East rather than look for a clear solution, he said.”

This is sensible.

Yet to the international community, it is not only insane thinking, but evil. At all costs, the “rights” of the Palestinians are all-important.

When I recently walked through Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, and celebrated Israel’s Six Day War victory, I was reminded again that God has allowed geopolitical realities to serve as the vessel for His plan.

The Bible describes a time when the nations will become enraged by Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem. In fact, they despise the fact that Israel exists at all.

And God will take care of it, when the great Day of the Lord arrives.

For this and many other reasons, we can be confident that it is God and His Word that are in charge. He alone decides things.

What a comfort that is!