September 26, 2016

Twisting Arms, Twisting Knives

Much has been made of the new 10-year aid package the Americans have pledged to provide Israel. As Caroline Glick has pointed out, this deal is not exactly what it seems with regard to Obama and Israel.

We all know Obama is anti-Israel; he always has been. So if much has been made of the new aid package, what gives? It all comes down to Obama’s wish to out-maneuver Congress. Israel agreed to the new package, which binds the Jewish state to a certain amount. Israel now cannot accept any supplemental amount Congress might want to send Israel’s way.

This is in keeping with a president whose mendacity knows no limits when it comes to Israel. For example, he has always sought to limit Israel’s missile defense funding. Of course, his enmity for Benjamin Netanyahu is legendary and chilling.

Additionally, Obama has befriended the left-wing J Street, a lobbying group in Washington that purports to defend Israel. The opposite is true. Hear Glick explain some of the shenanigans Obama has pulled:

“Today J Street, the self-proclaimed ‘pro-Israel, pro-peace’ outfit, is lobbying the IRS to revoke the charitable status of American groups that work to protect the civil and property rights of Jews in Judea and Samaria. It is also working with Iran’s lobby in Washington and Americans for Peace Now to undermine Republican efforts to sanction Iran for its anti-US aggression.”

The fact is, Obama is a menace when it comes to Israel, so when he appears to (almost bizarrely) be “helping” Israel with a long-range aid package, he is in fact attempting to control it as much as possible before he leaves office in January.

Notice what he aims for:

“For Obama, the MoU [Memorandum of Understanding] isn’t about securing military financing for Israel. The aid is a means for him to achieve a different aim.

“Administration and congressional sources warn that Obama wished to conclude the MoU in the final months of his presidency to burnish his pro-Israel credentials. He wants his pro-Israel bona fides intact as he enables the UN Security Council to adopt an anti-Israel resolution just after the US presidential election in November.”

And there you have it. In all likelihood, Obama is here for years to come. He has already promised to stay in Washington (ostensibly so his daughter can finish high school), and there is very real speculation that he is lobbying to become the next UN Secretary General; the job comes up almost at the same time Obama leaves office.

There, he would surely work tirelessly to render Israel defenseless internationally.

Jimmy Carter never liked Israel; biblically he is a Replacement Theology guy. Bill Clinton was a self-absorbed pragmatist who caused great harm to Israel.

But neither approached the naked evil of Obama.

Israel will be dealing with him for years to come.