Israel Watch :: August 29, 2016

Hope for the Hopeless

As the world descends into madness—Obama said this week he had to send a planeload of cash to Iran because he couldn’t send a check—we see once again that Israel is a light unto the nations.

In myriad ways.

Palestinian society is raised on murder. The Islamist countries in the Middle East oppress and murder their own people. ISIS makes snuff films.

By contrast, Israel is making breakthroughs in cancer research, giving hope and life to untold numbers around the world.

According to a report in the Times of Israel:

“A breakthrough cancer study in which patients suffering from a form of leukemia saw their diseases go into remission after they were treated with genetically modified T-cells has deep roots in Israel.

“One of the first in the world to work on the innovative adaptive immunotherapy technique to treat cancer, which was hailed Tuesday worldwide as a potentially ‘extraordinary’ development, was Weizmann University Professor Zelig Eshhar.”

Lab results on mice and rats at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed that cancer was cured in a number of them. This buttresses arguments made by Israeli researchers that the same results can be obtained for humans. Further in the report:

“In an article in the journal Science Translational Medicine, a team at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine reported that 27 out of 29 patients with an advanced blood cancer saw their cancers go into remission or disappear altogether when they received genetically modified T-cells that were equipped with synthetic molecules called chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs. Those T-cells were able to target and destroy the tumor cells – specifically the ones that were responsible for the acute lymphoblastic leukemia the patients were suffering from.

“According to officials at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where the research was carried out, patients in the trial – some of whom were told in 2013 they had barely a few months to live – not only survived, but now, after the therapy, ‘have no sign of the disease.’

“The therapy involves extracting T-cells – the white blood cells that fight foreign or abnormal cells, including cancerous ones.”

This is but one stream of treatment being developed by Israeli scientists and doctors.

My prediction? A major announcement will be made soon that Israelis have found the cure for a deadly disease that has plagued mankind for years.

Astonishingly, this will do little to stem the tide of anti-Semitism washing over the globe.

However, just like the families of Hamas terrorists who are treated for life-threatening illnesses in deluxe Israeli hospitals, enemies of the Jewish state will gladly take life-saving treatment originating in the Jewish state.

Even as the cancer of Jew-hatred spreads.

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