Israel Watch :: July 4, 2016

Killing Jews

I have a title for a new Bill O’Reilly book, Killing Jews. It would be his most controversial title.

This week, more Palestinian murderers/demons murdered Israeli Jews. Can anything at all be more unconscionable than stabbing a 13-year-old girl to death in her bed?

That’s what happened to Hallel Yaffa at her home in Kiryat Arba.

Then on the heels of that atrocity, Michael Mark was shot to death by Palestinian murderers on Route 60, south of Kiryat Arba. His wife was gravely injured as was is daughter.

Oh, by the way, Hallel Yaffa was also an American citizen.

Has the American president said anything? Nope. The American secretary of state blathers on incoherently about terrorism, while the attorney general says we must meet the challenge with love.

I believe the challenge should be met with some good old-fashioned Old Testament justice.

It is common knowledge that part of the PLO/PA plan all along has been to goad Israel into “overkill” (no pun intended) in response to terrorism. The thinking goes, international condemnation of Israel would be so severe that the Jewish state couldn’t recover.

But at what point do you continue issuing strong statements without really doing anything?

I like Benjamin Netanyahu very much. But it might be time for some historical stand on principles. It might be time to say, truly, Enough, and take care of the problem.

I have friends on all sides of these issues. Frankly, I am astonished how many people support the two-state solution. Often, people assume I reject that purely on biblical terms. Actually, I reject a two-state solution for practical and security reasons.

Simply put, the Palestinians don’t deserve a state. A state to do what? As with any other society, they have good apples and bad apples. But in the case of Palestinian society, it seems there is a tree with perhaps a dozen good apples among 100 acres of thoroughly diseased trees.

Too harsh, you say?

How about slaughtering a girl in her bed?

Is that too harsh?

I have come to this conclusion not quickly. It comes after 20 years of studying the issues and visiting the region numerous times. Talking with people on all sides.

This is what I humbly suggest to Israel’s government: send in the IDF to clean out Judea-Samaria. Impose an administered territories concept that worked pretty well for more than two decades.

I’m tired of hearing how the “Occupation” oppresses the Palestinians. In the context of the unabated murder of Jews, I don’t care about Palestinian rights. They have no rights until the killing stops permanently.

I also believe there is an historical moment for Israel to crush the terrorists:

  • Egypt’s Al-Sisi not only has denounced jihad, in front of a Muslim audience. He is working with the Israelis in a spirit of unprecedented security cooperation.
  • Israel is building new coalition partners on the periphery. This involves relationship building and believe me, even surrounding nations are tired of the Palestinian nonsense.
  • ”Popular uprisings” in Britain and the U.S. might signal that regular people are getting fed up with the status quo. And this is key: when terrorism is a threat to you, your perspective changes. What was once an Israel Problem is now Everybody’s Problem.
  • Israeli technology, in terms of cyber tech, along with military innovations, makes the Jewish state more than a formidable opponent for any enemy. You see, we too often place too much credit with the enemies. This is like a heavyweight prize fight, when a cocky challenger blusters, then gets his jaw crushed only seconds after the opening bell.

I believe society is moving in a direction in which regular people will have to defend themselves. Our government not only doesn’t protect us, but endangers us. On purpose. Think about that.

Here’s what I predict would happen if Israel were to seriously dismantle the terrorist threat:

Nothing. At least, in terms of international condemnation.

People must ask themselves: why is there a situation in which a strong Israeli response to the murder of their children is met with vicious condemnation? Honestly? I’d like to see the IDF strike a blow heavy enough that the Palestinians will still be talking about it three generations from now.

It’s time to bring back Joshua.