Israel Watch :: June 27, 2016

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Convulsions and Convergence

Everywhere in the world, we see shockwaves of change. The decision by UK voters to leave the European Union—followed by the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron—should remind those of us who study Bible prophecy that geopolitics can change in an instant.

If we are dogmatic about our pet topic, we might find ourselves embarrassed when the winds of change shift.

As it relates to Israel, the British pullout from the borderless failure can only be good, as we read in the Jerusalem Post:

“Bayit Yehudi MK Moti Yogev said on Friday that the UK’s exit from the EU is good for Israel since it further detaches Britain from Europe.

“’The drama that took place last night in the UK, the national desire to detach from Europe is good for Israel,’ he said.

“’The EU applauded Mahmoud Abbas for accusing us of blood libel…the partition of British power from the European Union is a good thing for Israel.’”

Global connections can be both good and bad (the recent two-minute video of Benjamin Netanyahu speaking about the Orlando jihad attack was seen by 22 million on social media), and it remains to be seen just how the British decision will affect its relationship with Israel.

Remember! alliances with various countries and Israel are shifting quickly now. The Jewish state (incredibly) is getting closer to China, Russia, and India. This was unthinkable only a few years ago.

Meanwhile, the jury is still very much out on Israel’s relationship with the United States’ political leadership. Hillary Clinton is no true friend of Israel, but a coldly calculating politician. A win by her would continue many of the destructive policies of Obama.

And the prospects aren’t much brighter with regard to religious leadership in America.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is holding its 222nd General Assembly; you might recall that two years ago the PC(USA) narrowly voted for divestment. At the opening session this week, a prayer was offered for…Allah! That’s right, a Muslim prayer was offered by the morally bankrupt PC(USA) leadership.

Interestingly, the Rev. Mateen Elass, a former Muslim from Saudi Arabia, had some pointed thoughts about this:

“The Presbyterian Church USA has hammered one more nail into its own coffin — one wonders whether there is space for any further nails. Last Saturday, at the opening business session of its 222nd General Assembly in Portland, OR, the denominational leadership orchestrated an event which denied the gospel and lordship of Jesus Christ. Here’s what happened.

“The Stated Clerk had asked the staff of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries of the PCUSA to create a liturgy of repentance/remembrance for the recent victims of gun violence in Orlando (and last year in Charleston, SC) as the first order of business for the GA. It was predictably leftist in its political emphases, with no wrestling over the impact of radical Islam, which was to be expected. ga222Indeed, as a token sign of its expansive tolerance, a Muslim was invited to participate in leading this liturgy. His name is Wajdi Said, president of the Muslim Educational Trust in the Portland area.

“When it was his turn to lead, Mr. Said began by chanting in Arabic, most but not all of which was translated into English on the screen for the participants. Hardly anyone there, I’m guessing, had any idea where the words Mr. Said chanted came from. The first sentence was not translated — apparently, Wajdi threw that in on his own. This is what he said: “I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed.” Within the Muslim world this is a common interjection when one fears the presence and power of evil spirits. Since Islam teaches that Christians and Jews who reject the claims of Muhammad are the vilest of creatures, under the sway of Satan, it is not surprising he would begin with this intercessory prayer for himself.”

I include this scene to illustrate the utter moral bankruptcy of many in the American religious world. With the Muslim prayer given at the PC(USA) gathering, is it any wonder there are troubling signs in the way Christian leaders view Israel?

I’ve written much about the erosion of support for Israel among certain key evangelical leaders. But it’s more than that. We now are seeing evangelical leaders embrace growing dialogue with Muslim imams. This is tragic and dangerous.

Our world is swirling with cataclysmic change right now. In the center, strong and supernaturally safe, is Israel.

It’s the rest of us I’m concerned about.