28 June 2024

Mississippi, Minnesota, and Missouri rivers expected to hit highest levels in a decade 
Massive flooding is impacting nearly half of Minnesota as of Thursday morning, June 27, 2024, with more than 20 river gauges across the Upper Midwest hitting major flood stage. With more rain expected, water levels on the Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri rivers are expected to see their highest levels in a decade.

Gassy cows and pigs to be hit by carbon tax in Denmark in world first 
Denmark will introduce the world’s first emissions tax on agriculture from 2030, requiring farmers to pay for greenhouse gases released by their cows, sheep and pigs.

Canadian university offers ‘drag’ classes for kids at anti-family summer camp on a remote island
One of Canada’s top universities will be staging an anti-family LGBT-charged summer “camp” for kids as young as 14 on a remote island only accessible via boat to be guided by “two drag parents” who will teach “drag” queen and “gender identity” classes to youths.

Pope Francis Laments ‘Mother Earth Violated and Devastated’
Pope Francis has denounced the arrogance of those who seek dominion over nature, which leads to the degradation of the environment.

US Special Forces Warns of Imminent Terror Attack Inside America
The US Special Forces has warned in an open letter that America faces a “gravely” serious threat of a terrorist attack inside the country because of the direct actions of the Biden administration.

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good: We Cannot Stand By While Israel Is Falsely Accused of ‘Genocide’
In the Bible, Isaiah the prophet writes something that I believe really describes the days in which we are living, especially when it comes to Israel. In Isaiah 5:20, God says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

IDF Reservist Sam Fried’s Powerful Defense of Israel Leads to Stalking and Hotel Vandalism by Palestinian Thugs in Idaho
“There have been 17 ceasefire opportunities for Hamas to release hostages and withdraw, but they rejected all, showing they don’t care about their people.”

Arkansas Sues Chinese-Owned Temu for Alleged Deceptive Practices
Temu uses low-cost Chinese-made goods to lure users into unknowingly providing “near-limitless access to their personally identifiable information,” according to the lawsuit.

CCP Hires Western Military Aviators to Prepare for War With Taiwan
The Five Eyes (FVEY) alliance announced steps earlier in June to prevent Western military aviators from training Beijing’s military and naval aviators, capabilities that military experts say are key for Beijing to be able to attack Taiwan.

Happy Pride Month: Mother with Family Says She Was Kicked Off United Flight in San Francisco for Misgendering Flight Attendant With Wrong Pronouns
A woman traveling with her 16-month old son and her 75-year-old mother said in videos posted Wednesday that she and her family were kicked off a United flight because she misgendered a flight attendant. One of the videos shows the woman speaking with a United representative who confirmed the woman was booted by the captain for misgendering and other alleged comments.

New pro-life song from aborted baby’s perspective skyrockets on iTunes country charts
A powerful pro-life anthem from the point of view of a baby that never had a chance to be born has skyrocketed on country music charts. Released June 21, “I Was Gonna Be” is a country song by Nashville songwriter Chris Wallin and performed by young country artist Rachel Holt that recounts the short life of an unborn baby who was killed by abortion.

The War on Farmers will cause “food wars” – not climate change 
According to a report by the Financial Times yesterday, Olam Agri, one of the world’s largest agricultural commodity traders, has warned that the world is heading towards “food wars” due to geopolitical tensions and climate change which are pushing countries into conflict over dwindling food supplies.

The Biomedical State; how the global public health game works 
The Biomedical State exists. Its players are part of a global public health regime. It is controlled by national governments, research institutes, and domestic public health authorities, but it will be publicly led by the World Health Organization (“WHO”).