24 Mar 2024

R3 (Strong) level flare event
The flare activity began from Region 3614 (to the north), and was still in progress when another flare erupted from Region 3615 (to the south). It’s tough to say with certainty at this point which flare was the source of R3 levels, but the flare from 3614 appears to have a likely coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with it.

Israel defense chief to head to US Sunday for Gaza talks: statement
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant will leave Sunday for talks in the United States, the government said, amid growing tensions between the allies over the war in Gaza. Gallant will meet with US counterpart Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan “and additional senior officials,” a statement said.

IDF Chief Says Shifa Hospital Raid to Continue Until all Terrorists Are Captured Dead or Alive
The Israeli military will finish its operation at the Shifa hospital in Gaza only when the last terrorist is captured dead or alive, Commanding Officer of the Southern Command MG Yaron Finkelman said. “The operation here in Shifa is significant. A daring, tricky, and most impressive operation so far. We eliminated hundreds of terrorists, apprehended hundreds of terrorists, and brought in significant operational and intelligence assets.

Israel accepts US hostage deal compromise, awaits Hamas response
The Israeli delegation in Qatar has agreed to an American compromise on the issue of the number of Palestinian prisoners who will be swapped for each Israeli hostage and await a response from Hamas, Israeli media reported Saturday night.

Earthquake felt in northern, central Israel
An earthquake measuring 3.4 was felt Saturday evening east of Hadera in northern Israel. No injuries or damage were reported. The Saturday night quake marks Israel’s second in two weeks.

Israel slams UN chief Guterres calling Gaza War ‘collective punishment’ during Rafah visit
Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz sharply rebuked UN Secretary-General António Guterres for calling Israel’s war against Hamas ‘collective punishment’ and strongly criticizing it during a visit to the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip.

Boom! Supersonic Aircraft Conducts Successful Flight Over the U.S.
While today’s flight didn’t reach supersonic speeds and make the trademark “boom” noise for doing so, a supersonic demonstrator aircraft built by the manufacturer with the onomatopoeia name, “Boom”, did successfully have its first flight today over the Mojave desert of California with it’s XB-1 aircraft.

Blinded By Hatred: The Absurdity Of The Two-State Solution Crowd
Asking why we continue to see and read of the hatred and vitriolic rants against the nation of Israel often sounds like a “broken record.” I have surmised that we will continue to hear and see the incessant spewing of antisemitism because those expressing these views are short on reason, rational thinking, and logical, analytical deduction skills. This is not meant as an insult. This is observably true. What else can possibly explain the lack of comprehension among so many?

Food crisis in Gaza? Data proves no famine, amid international accusations
Israel unequivocally determined that Gaza was not suffering a humanitarian crisis. According to officials, since the beginning of the war, Israel has allowed the entry of over 17,400 aid trucks to the Gaza Strip, including over 10,300 trucks carrying more than 218,000 tons of food.

What is IDF not saying about the defense against Houthi missiles
“We’ve confronted threats from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We have a multi-layered air defense that includes planes,” Hagari said. “Early in the week, a cruise missile approached our border. It posed no threat to our forces, there were no injuries. The incident will be investigated, and we will apply the lessons learned to be able to provide an adequate response going forward.”

Netanyahu tells Blinken Rafah assault to proceed with or without US support
Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that he informed visiting U.S. secretary that Israel will assault Rafah with or without U.S. support. ” I told him that I hope we will do it with the support of the U.S., but if we have to – we will do it alone,” Netanyahu said in a social media video post.

Citizens take over after IDF withdraws from guardposts
The IDF has withdrawn forces that were securing the road in the Palestinian city of Huwara. Following a notification to residents of the area that the road would no longer be guarded, the residents have announced that they will man the guideposts themselves. After they had done so, a large force of IDF and Border Police personnel returned to man the guardposts.

Graffiti at NY college: ‘Hitler, please come back’
Queens College Hillel calls pro-Hitler graffiti a threat to student safety, demands action from administration. The graffiti on buildings around campus included the messages, “You better start hiding, Jews,” “Israelis, I’m coming after you,” and “Hitler, please come back. Teach Jews a lesson,” according to a statement released by the college’s Hillel director, Jenna Citron Schwab.

Very strong and shallow M6.9 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea 
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.9 hit New Guinea, Papua New Guinea at 20:22 UTC on March 23, 2024 (07:22 LT, March 24). The agency is reporting a depth of 35.4 km (21.9 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.8 at a depth of 50 km (31 miles).

Extremely heavy rains hit Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, causing destructive floods and landslides, Brazil
Heavy rains in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state on March 22, 2024, resulted in at least nine fatalities, with Petropolis being the hardest hit. A staggering 270 mm (11 inches) of rain fell within 24 hours, significantly impacting the region and leading to numerous incidents, including landslides and house collapses. The storm then moved to the neighboring state of Espírito Santo, dropping more than 200 mm (7.8 inches) of rainfall within 24 hours.

BREAKING: A missile attack is underway, as an air raid alert has been declared for most of Ukraine. An air raid alert is also in effect for Kyiv.
BREAKING: A missile attack is underway, as an air raid alert has been declared for most of Ukraine. An air raid alert is also in effect for Kyiv.

What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread Chaos All Over America?
Violence and crime are already completely out of control all over the United States.  In fact, you definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in the streets when hordes of our lawless young people are running wild. If things are this bad already, what is going to happen if the election in November does not go the way that leaders on the left want and they give the green light to millions of radicals to cause widespread chaos all over America?

What Does Govt Know About The Eclipse That We Do Not Know
Over the past several weeks, many ANP readers have mentioned in their excellent comments that never before during an eclipse have government’s all across the country gotten so worked up, putting out numerous warnings to ‘stock up’ and surely behaving as if they KNEW something huge was about to happen.

Leo Hohmann: Liberal State Declares War on Small Farmers and Homesteaders: War on Food is Spreading in U.S. Through Land-Use Restrictions, Geoengineering and Waves of Propaganda
Remember, it really is all about depopulation. The World Economic Forum warned us several years ago that its ultimate goal was to destroy the middle class. How else would you explain their slogan: “You will own nothing and learn to like it“?

Mount Sinai Is First in New York to Test Revolutionary Brain-Computer Implant Designed to Map Brain Activity in Unprecedented Detail
A multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and neuroscientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are the first in New York to study a new brain-computer interface that’s engineered to map a large area of the brain’s surface, in real time, at resolutions hundreds of times more detailed than typical arrays used in neurosurgical procedures.

‘Whole Thing Smacks of a Brave New World’: New AI Tool Predicts Vaccine Hesitancy 
…“The whole implication here is that nonconformity to the government propaganda machine’s standard of care makes one some type of mental case or extreme outlier. The whole thing smacks of a Brave New World where potentially non-compliant individuals are targeted with messaging based on fear and irrationality.”

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro indicted for allegedly faking COVID vax status 
A police detective claims that a close adviser to Bolsonaro admitted that he asked for erroneous data to put in the country’s vaccination system around the time he traveled to the United States, which required the COVID shot for entrance, but the former president’s lawyer disputes the allegation.

EU Governments Prepare For Possibility of Food Crisis 
…The coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and disruptions on key shipping routes have disturbed supply chains and sent prices soaring. Erratic and extreme weather now regularly disturbs farming. Against that backdrop, officials are no longer asking when a food crisis may arrive, but rather how many crises they can deal with at once.

Man Arrested for Removing and Allegedly “Eating” Pedestrian’s Leg Following Train Accident
A man was arrested in Wasco, California by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office for tampering with evidence at the scene. The man, identified as Resendo Tellez, age 27, was taken into custody near the local Amtrak station under charges that have unsettled the community.

Experts Tell Congress: China Building ‘World’s Largest DNA Database’ Usable to Harvest Organs
Journalists, academics, and other experts told Congress during a hearing Wednesday that evidence indicates China is killing thousands of people to sell their organs and building the “world’s largest DNA database” that can be used to find a living “perfect match” for an organ buyer, arrest them for dubious reasons, and kill them to sell their organs.

Conquered Italy: Islamic Migrants Assert Power, Convert Catholic Places of Worship into Mosques
Monfalcone’s struggle against the Islamization of public and religious spaces highlights deeper concerns over the preservation of Western heritage and the assertiveness of Islamic migrant communities.

While you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents
…A controversial forecast by Deagel, a global intelligence and consulting firm controlled by the CIA & Rockefeller Foundation, gained attention in 2020 for its startling prediction of a significant depopulation event across the Western World by 2025. This was a very bold claim to make. ‘Your Government is trying to kill you’ is even bolder.