23 Mar 2024

Investors greenlight Trump’s $5.7 billion Truth Social deal
U.S. President Donald Trump came a step closer on Friday to reaping a major windfall from his social media firm after investors in a blank-check acquisition company approved a merger currently worth about $5.7 billion. The deal values Trump’s majority stake in the company that holds his app Truth Social at about $3.3 billion. The windfall could prove vital as Trump grapples with the financial fallout of a string of legal cases against him,

Wake-Up Call
Something is in the air. The animals are waking from their long winter sleep. The natives are restless. traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane. They have a body of insane ideas to comfort and protect them from the reality’s rigors. That the insane call themselves “progressive,” is a signature of their insanity. They just want to grab your stuff and then kill you …

‘Gender Science’ Was Merely Ideology All Along
Did you hear the news? England’s National Health Service (NHS) has decided that children diagnosed with gender dysphoria will no longer receive puberty blockers because “there is not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness … to make the treatment routinely available at this time.”

Florida Bans Homeless Encampments
On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) signed a bill into law that bans homeless encampments in the state of Florida.

US Decries “Outrageous” China & Russia Veto Of Its Gaza Ceasefire Resolution At UN
On Friday Russia and China, along with Algeria, vetoed a US draft resolution on Gaza calling for ceasefire, with the objectors complaining that the language fell short of a clear and unequivocal demand for a ceasefire.

EU’s world-first AI law to reverberate in America
The European Parliament last week passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, which is viewed as the world’s first comprehensive law to define the legal aspects of AI. It provides for EU-wide regulations in reference to quality of data, transparency, human oversight and accountability. The law will apply to the providers and developers of all AI systems that are marketed or used within the EU, regardless of whether they are based inside or outside the bloc. Therefore, it will have implications for the use of AI in the US.

Four European leaders: We’re ready to recognize Palestine
Prime Ministers of Ireland, Malta, Slovenia and Spain release joint statement, say they have agreed to take initial steps towards recognizing a Palestinian state.

Saudi commentator reveals Israel’s new tactic that shook Hezbollah and Iran
Awad addressed Israel’s conflict between Hezbollah and Iran. Speaking on the conflict, Awad suggested, “Israel was surprised by the extent of the tunnels in Gaza and the military methods [of Hamas,] and it has adopted a new strategy for regional deterrence,” he said at the outset.
“All these actions may serve as a prelude to more significant activities, which may include the destruction of Hezbollah tunnels or at least disrupting the fortifications along the border with Lebanon,

62 killed, 145 wounded at concert hall in Moscow, Islamic State claims responsibility
Islamic State claims responsibility for the terror attack near Moscow. A second explosion was heard at Crocus City Hall near Moscow, the site of a shooting incident. Reuters reports that Islamic State, the terrorist group that once sought control over swathes of Iraq and Syria, claimed responsibility for the attack, the group’s Telegram channel said. The United States has intelligence confirming Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for a deadly shooting at a concert near Moscow, a US official said on Friday.

Letter with death threat sent to Israeli ambassador to Ireland: You are next
Letter with death threat sent to Israeli ambassador to Ireland: You are next
Authorities in Ireland have launched an investigation after a letter containing a death threat was sent to the Israeli ambassador to Ireland last week along with a package of white powder, … .

A world without the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran has operated a network of proxy terrorist and militia groups across the Middle East and beyond for decades. They recently activated many of them and sparked the conflagration engulfing much of the Middle East and wreaking havoc on global commerce. … the world cannot enjoy peace and prosperity until the mullahs’ regime in Tehran is replaced with one that respects human rights and seeks peace with its neighbors.

Terror ‘is a question of opinion,’ says UN spokesperson
Whether U.N. employees committed acts of terrorism “would be a question of opinion,” Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, said at a press briefing on Tuesday in response to a JNS question. After Israel charged that 12 employees of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency participated in Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre, 16 donor countries suspended aid to UNRWA

The IRS helps UNRWA fund Hamas
Before Ismail Haniyeh became the leader of Hamas, he was a teacher at UNRWA. The UN agency dedicated welfare agency for the Arab Muslim colonists who call themselves “Palestinians” had long since become a terrorist front. “I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll,” a former UNRWA Commissioner General said, “and I don’t see that as a crime.”

The Biden regime’s latest move to stab Israel in the back
The Biden regime is in a tough spot. Its far-left base is enraged over its ongoing ostensible support for Israel. Instead of acting with integrity despite the electoral cost and standing by a loyal ally in its time of need, the regime is making a series of moves to betray Israel and give aid and comfort to its enemies. Now it’s mulling over a step that would constitute the biggest betrayal of all and would hand victory to the Hamas jihad terror group. The Biden administration is ‘reportedly considering leaving Israel short of the armaments it needs to fight Hamas.’ For the unprincipled Biden regime apparatchiks, it’s all about winning in November.

CBS “Documentary” lied about the Red Heifer… and about the Jews in Israel
On March 5, CBS News posted an article and video by Chris Livesay. The video was full of blatant inaccuracies, which all had one thing in common: portraying Bible-Observant Jews as religious fanatics intent on murdering Palestinians and cleansing Israel of any Islamic presence.

Armed terrorist killed by IDF helicopter after 5-hour gun battle, 7 Israelis wounded
A Palestinian terrorist shot and wounded three Israelis near the town of Dolev in Samaria on Friday morning, before being struck and killed by an IDF helicopter after a five-hour-long gun battle, Israeli media reported. The incident began when the terrorist, Mujahed Mansour, opened fire at an Israeli minibus traveling near the Parsa junction, close to the town of Dolev.

Ireland’s homosexual Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announces resignation
Leo Varadkar’s shock resignation as Irish prime minister comes just weeks after voters delivered a landslide rejection of the government’s proposed amendments to redefine marriage, motherhood, and the family.

Planet Fitness says ‘discomfort’ not a reason to ban ‘transgender’ men from women’s locker rooms
Popular exercise chain Planet Fitness is doubling down on its prioritization of “gender identity” over female customers’ welfare, putting in writing that “discomfort” over sharing intimate facilities with the opposite sex should not be accommodated.

Submarine Volcanic Activity Bubbles Up Near Iwo Jima
The Japan Coast Guard captured a video of bubbly, frothy water emitting large clouds of smoke and steam. What’s going on? This is a highly active region for volcanic activity and this is the result of a submarine eruption. (watch)

Strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hits Java Sea, Indonesia 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the BMKG as M6.5 hit Java Sea, Indonesia at 08:52 UTC (15:52 LT) on March 22, 024. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). USGS and EMSC are reporting M6.4 at a depth of 8.5 km (4.3 miles).

Developing storm system to inundate South Florida with heavy rainfall
A developing storm system in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to produce heavy rainfall across Florida through Saturday, which could lead to localized flooding, especially in communities along the far southern coast and into the Florida Keys.

Significant winter storm targets Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, US 
A significant winter storm is expected to produce widespread heavy snow and hazardous travel conditions across portions of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest this weekend and into early next week.

‘Total Abomination’: $1.2 Trillion Bill Funds Teen Trans Programs, Abortion to 22 Weeks
A sprawling, $1.2 trillion government funding bill includes funding for abortion facilities, as well as LGBTQ activist centers that carry out transgender injections, target minors, hold drag shows, and help illegal immigrants who identify as gay or transgender gain U.S. citizenship — a bill one congressman calls “a total, total abomination.”

Tyson Foods Working On New Products With “Insect Ingredients”
Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest food processing companies, announced last week it will invest in insect protein. The American food giant unveiled a partnership with Netherlands-based bug food manufacturer Protix.

Washington’s Democrat governor signs law mandating LGBT history lessons in public schools
Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a law on March 18 mandating that, by 2025, the state’s public schools “adopt inclusive curricula and select diverse, equitable, inclusive, age-appropriate instructional materials” that teach about “the histories, contributions, and perspectives” of “LGBTQ people.”

The Alleged superpower, USA, No Longer Has a Military
West Point Drops “Duty, Honor, Country” from Its Motto and Replaces It with “Army Values” in Its Mission Statement Does this mean that “duty, honor, country” are no longer Army values? Are we moving toward a military academy whose values will be transformed in keeping with the woke ideology that has taken over the universities, public schools, Democrat Party, corporations, and media? Will the academy’s values be “transgenderism, equity, and open borders”? Time will tell.

Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps By Democrats & Media
Democrats in New York City and their allies in leftist corporate media are keeping a massive migrant shelter hidden from the public, located at a previously operational airfield in southern Brooklyn. This comes as the metro area has been flooded with upwards of 175,000 illegals in just a few short years.

New York Authorities Warn Residents to Expect Cellular Disruptions During Upcoming Solar Eclipse, Suggest Residents to Stock Up on Food, Water, and Fuel
In response to NASA’s report that a total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024, New York authorities are warning New Yorkers to be prepared. In a recent press release by the New York state police, officials warned residents to be prepared for cellular disruptions, slow 9/11 response times, gridlocked traffic, and food/water demand during the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Global Population Set To Fall For First Time In 700 Years
A major study published in scientific journal The Lancet has found that the global population will start to fall within decades due to vastly reduced fertility rates and may never recover.

“Invasion”: Riot Erupts After Migrant Swarm Breaches US Southern Border, National Guard Left Helpless
Shocking scenes were caught on tape in El Paso – which technically is in Texas but may as well be in Mexico – on Thursday afternoon when a massive swarm of angry illegal aliens stormed the key chokepoint to the US southern border, breaking through the border wall and steamrolling National Guard troops.  For those still unconvinced, this nation is being invaded, this video of illegals storming the border today should convince you otherwise.

2025 Department of Defense Budget Request Disarms America
The press release for the Department of Defense 2025 Budget Request told one story, a story replete with lofty, aspirational goals expressed in the usual abstract text of DOD budget requests.

Ron Dermer: Israel will defeat Hamas even if US turns its back on us
Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer was interviewed today (Thursday) on Dan Senior’s ‘Call Me Back’ podcast and said that the IDF will enter Rafah even if it comes at the cost of harming relations with the US.

London Most Antisemitic as Islamists and Left Join Forces, Warns Israel
Antisemitism in European cities is reaching 1930s levels and London is the worst of them all, an Israeli government minister says, warning of mass migration, radicalization, and the hard left coming together and “serious consequences” for inaction.

Netherlands: For Months, Laura the Cow Was Repeatedly Raped By A Turkish Illegal At Petting Zoo 
Cow Laura, while coping as best as possible under the circumstances, remains highly stressed and wary around people, leading her to continue isolating herself from other animals.

A compilation of corporate media’s explanation of sudden deaths
As sudden deaths and cardiovascular diseases became more common, corporate media has needed to find explanations for the alarming trends.  Filipe Rafaeli has compiled corporate media headlines that provide the most curious explanations.

Neonatal Mortality Rate Highest it’s been in over a Decade following roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines to Pregnant Women
Data published by the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics reveals that the neonatal mortality rate was the highest it had been for over a decade in 2022, with 2021 also recording a similarly high rate of neonatal deaths. Sadly, the stillbirth rate was also much higher in 2021 and 2022 than it was in 2020 and 2019. The shocking figures have been recorded following the UK Medicine Regulator’s decision to not just offer, but push pregnant women to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Mark Sexton Tells MI5 Officer – “This is a Clear Act of Terrorism” 
In a phone call with an MI5 officer, former police officer Mark Sexton told an officer “There is evidence to prove terrorism against the British public.” Mark made a criminal complaint and was issued a crime number 01/62447/24 at Acton police station, London on Friday 8th of March 2024 for allegations against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government, for misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, gross negligent manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and fraud by false representation.