20 Mar 2024

Alabama senator attacks Democrats, opponents as ‘satanic cult’
Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville likened his political opponents to members of a satanic cult and said no Democrat supports God. Speaking at a campaign stop on behalf of a senate hopeful in Utah, Tuberville delivered a scathing rebuke of political opposition and called it a fight against good and evil, . “I’ve traveled all over the country — all 50 states — I’ve been in good places and bad places. The one thing I saw, we are losing our kids to a satanic cult,” he said according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “There’s not one Democrat that can tell you they stand up for God,”

Putin warns Russia won’t be stopped after record election win
Vladimir Putin said Russia won’t be stopped from pursuing its goals after he swept to a record victory in a presidential election whose outcome was pre-determined. “No matter how much anybody wanted to suppress us, our will, our consciousness, nobody in history has ever succeeded, they have not succeeded now and they will never succeed,” Putin told supporters in Moscow late Sunday.

Plot to assassinate fmr. US president exposed
Court documents show that an Iraqi national who entered the United States in 2020 on a visitor visa plotted to smuggle “at least four Iraqi nationals” across the southern border between the United States and Mexico to assassinate former president George W. Bush.

Boycott Slams Planet Fitness Shares As Americans Fight Back Against Wokeism
Approaching the one-year mark since Bud Light’s controversial partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on TikTok, a nationwide boycott of the light beer Last week, Americans began to boycott Tyson Foods for planning to fire at least a thousand hard-working Americans in which the company even said it was planning to hire tens of thousands of illegals through a shadowy non-government organization. Fast forward to this week, Americans are boycotting Planet Fitness for its move to defend its decision to ban the membership of a customer in Alaska who spoke out about a “man in women’s locker room shaving.” Planet Fitness stock down over 12% in 5 days.

Billionaire Investor To Back Donald Trump 2024
Billionaire activist investor Nelson Peltz plans to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, citing President Joe Biden’s mental condition and immigration policies.

FBI Has To Face Lawsuit Over ‘No-Fly List:’ Supreme Court
The FBI must face a lawsuit filed by a Muslim man who has since been removed from the bureau’s “no-fly list,” the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on March 19. “The government has failed to demonstrate that this case is moot,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in a unanimous ruling.

In Blow To Biden, Supreme Court Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting Illegal Aliens
The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to the Biden administration’s attempts to keep the US border open – allowing Texas to enforce a new law giving local police the power to arrest migrants.

Today’s Assault On Bible Prophecy Takes Aim At Jesus’ Future Glory
Over the past few years, I have noticed an underlying current in teachings that deny what the Bible says about the Rapture, the seven-year Tribulation, and Jesus’ thousand-year reign. They greatly diminish the magnificence of Jesus’ role in end time events. I believe that today’s assault on Bible prophecy tarnishes Jesus’ future glory by: Focusing Our Hope On An End Of Days Event Rather Than Jesus

Netanyahu’s secret plan for post-war Gaza
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a plan for Gaza after the war. He is keeping it to himself for now, out of concern about the reaction of the international community as well as members of his far-right coalition government. Netanyahu wants to see Gaza develop into an independent entity separated from Israel and the West Bank, its development funded by moderate Sunni nations, ultimately transforming it to a Middle Eastern Singapore.

‘US taps Hamas ally Qatar to build port in Gaza’
At America’s request, Hamas ally Qatar has agreed to take charge of operating and financing the temporary pier on its way from the United States to the Gaza coast, Israel’s Channel 14 reported on Tuesday. Qatar consented to run the port on condition that the construction work go to the Al-Hisi firm, “a company controlled and sponsored by Hamas,”

US confirms Hamas No. 3 Marwan Issa killed in Israeli strike
The United States on Monday confirmed that an Israeli airstrike in Gaza last week killed senior Hamas commander Marwan Issa. “Hamas’s number three, Marwan Issa, was killed in an Israeli operation last week,” U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said during a White House press briefing. “The rest of the top leaders are in hiding, likely deep in the Hamas tunnel network, and justice will come for them too. We are helping to ensure that,” he added.

Navigating Israel’s Nuclear ‘Samson Option’
In any rationality-based strategic calculus, the “Samson Option” — which refers to an Israeli nuclear strike — would refer not to a last-resort act of national vengeance, but to a persuasive limit on existential threats. Israeli strategists will need to consider factors beyond what is taking place right now between Israel and its jihadist adversaries.

US Congress deal bars US funds to UNRWA until March 2025,
An agreement reached by US congressional leaders and the White House on a massive bill funding military, State Department and a range of other government programs will continue a ban on US funding for UNRWA, the main UN agency for Palestinians, until March 2025, two sources said on Tuesday.

As Eastern U.S. Shakes, Mysterious Earthquake Swarm Returns to South Carolina
While the eastern U.S. saw multiple earthquakes over the last week, it appears a mysterious swarm has returned to central South Carolina near the town of Elgin. Over the last 7 days, USGS reported earthquakes in New York, Maine, New Jersey, Tennessee, and North Carolina. And now they’re reporting that another earthquake rocked the Elgin, South Carolina area, the third such quake to hit the small town east of Columbia in the last 30 days.

Arab reports: Commanders in pro-Iranian militias killed in strike in eastern Syria
The Saudi Al-Hadath channel reported on Tuesday night on an attack that took place in the city of Al Mayadin in eastern Syria, near the border with Iraq. According to the report, five commanders in the pro-Iranian militias, including a commander belonging to Hezbollah, were killed in the attack. The report did not say who was responsible for the strike.

For the first time: Cruise missile from Yemen fell near Eilat
The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed on Tuesday that a cruise missile that was fired from Yemen on Sunday night fell near the city of Eilat. “Following the incident on Sunday night regarding a suspicious aerial target that fell north of the city of Eilat, a cruise missile approached the area from the direction of the Red Sea and fell in open terrain,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

Oy Canada! Trudeau administration to stop arms shipments to Israel
On Monday, Canada’s House of Commons approved a non-binding measure to halt all arms sales to Israel. The proposal is one of many put forward by the New Democratic Party (NDP) to end the war between Israel and Hamas. Three members of the Canadian Prime Minister’s party, the Liberal Party, voted against the measure.

Redemption is near
When I wrote last week how the Lord was trying to encourage Israel through a particular verse of Scripture, I wasn’t to know that he was about to add emphasis to the word by repeating himself. Saying again, that “when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight.” (Isaiah 59:19) I subsequently learnt (from Sgt-Major Chaim Malespin on his daily YouTube reports from the frontline) that Islamic Jihad had called for a ‘Ramadan flood’ of violence against the Jews. Yes, a flood of evil is being unleashed, but the Lord will make his presence felt in no uncertain terms.

Army aims to equip a division with hand-held counter-drone gear
The Army’s 2025 budget request includes $13.5 million for hand-held anti-drone devices to equip a division and $54.2 million for backpack-size jammers, an Army spokesperson said Thursday. The $13.5 million will buy 20 Modi devices, 10 Smart Shooter devices, 10 Bal Chatri devices, and 20 Dronebuster devices.

Israel must assemble a massive new arms stockpile
The path to reducing Israel’s reliance on the United States for munitions doesn’t necessarily involve ramping up domestic production, expert tells JNS.

Herzog honors Samaria reservist who killed Palestinian terrorist
Aviad Gizbar, who owns a hummus joint at the Eli gas station, shot and killed the attacker, preventing further bloodshed. Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Monday visited Eli in Samaria, where he honored an Israel Defense Forces reservist who killed a terrorist who murdered two civilians at the town’s gas station on Feb. 29.

Israel to welcome more Indian workers amid burgeoning Indian-Israeli ties
Israel’s construction sector is expected to welcome thousands of Indian workers in the coming weeks in an effort by the Israeli government to address the labor shortage amid the ongoing war between the terrorist organization Hamas and Israel.

Netanyahu after Biden phone call: ‘No way to eliminate Hamas without Rafah incursion’
“We have a debate with the Americans over the need to enter Rafah, not over the need to eliminate Hamas, but the need to enter Rafah,” Netanyahu said at a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Category 3 Tropical Cyclone “Megan” hits Gulf of Carpentaria, stranding residents of Borroloola
Category 3 Tropical Cyclone “Megan” made landfall near Borroloola, the southwestern Gulf of Carpentaria coast, at approximately 06:00 UTC on March 18, 2024. At the time of the landfall, the system had a minimum pressure of 976.1 hPa and 1-minute sustained winds of 185 km/h (115 mph). Megan is the 5th named storm of the 2023/24 Australian region cyclone season.

Extreme flooding in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq 
Heavy rainfall affecting the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on March 19, 2024, caused extreme flooding in the Duhok Governorate, leading to the deaths of at least two people and damage to dozens of homes.

Saudi Aramco CEO: ‘The Energy Transition Is Failing. Policymakers Should Abandon the Fantasy of Phasing Out Oil and Gas’
The climate alarmist cult is in planetary disarray, with their once-unquestionable ‘scientific theories’ and ‘environmental policies’ getting rejected at a rapid pace in many parts of the world.

In Blow to Biden, Supreme Court Allows Texas to Start Arresting and Deporting Illegal Aliens
The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to the Biden administration’s attempts to keep the US border open – allowing Texas to enforce a new law giving local police the power to arrest migrants.

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns in the U.S.
U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, appointed by Barack Obama, ruled that an illegal immigrant has the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Nearly 1,000 Americans in Haiti plea for help, State Department says | Fox News
The State Department revealed Monday that nearly 1,000 Americans have filled out a “crisis intake form” seeking assistance in Haiti – a country it is now calling “one of the most dire humanitarian situations in the world.”

DNA Tests Are Uncovering the True Prevalence of Incest
.,..In the 1980s, feminist scholars argued, based on the testimonies of victims, that incest was far more common than recognized, and in recent years, DNA has offered a new kind of biological proof. Widespread genetic testing is uncovering case after secret case of children born to close biological relatives—providing an unprecedented accounting of incest in modern society.

What Does This Mean? Benjamin Netanyahu And Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Were Both Born During Eclipses
The war in the Middle East continues to heat up, and many believe that we will soon see a major escalation.  On the Israeli side, Benjamin Netanyahu is the one calling the shots, and as you will see below he is absolutely determined to conduct a military operation in Rafah.  On the other side, the guy at the top of the food chain is Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  Hezbollah and every other Iranian-backed terror group in the region ultimately answer to him.  The decisions that these two men make during the months ahead will literally be felt all over the globe.

Oxford University, CDC & UK Gov. confirm COVID Vaccination DOES NOT WORK & has Lethal & Fatal Consequences 
Several scientific studies have emerged that call into question the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines, raising alarm bells about the potential harm they may cause and their ability to prevent infection and transmission.

Russian Forces Move Closer to the Mountains of Israel 
…various media outlets in the region, in particular, Syrian State media run by Bashar al-Assad and also Israel’s Channel 11 broadcaster, report that Russian forces are moving closer to the Israel-Syria border.

U.S. Consumers Have Reached a Breaking Point
Over the past several years, the cost of living has been rising significantly faster than paychecks have.  As a result, U.S. consumers have reached a breaking point.  Delinquency rates are spiking and bankruptcies have risen to a very dangerous level.

Conservative Star Marion Maréchal Fights Against Islamization: ‘I Don’t Want Ramadan to Become a French Holiday, Like Christmas or Easter’ 
Marion Maréchal and her party, the Reconquête party, are fighting to ban the display of Ramadan-related advertisements in public spaces.

Japanese researchers warn about the risks of blood transfusions from covid vaccinated people
…Japanese researchers published a pre-print paper that warned about the risks associated with using blood from covid vaccinated people for blood transfusions and are calling on medical professionals to be aware of these risks. Additionally…they are calling for the covid vaccination programmes to be suspended.

Jeff Bezos demonizes farming and invests £1 billion in fake food production
At the Aspen Ideas Climate, Bezos Earth Fund vice chair Lauren Sánchez announced an initial $60 million commitment to establish Bezos Centers for Sustainable Protein as part of the Bezos Earth Fund’s $1 billion commitment to food transformation. The food transformation Sánchez dreams of is “plant-based lab-grown meats.”  For anyone who has any logic or common sense, no such food exists nor can it ever.

Chinese Illegal Immigrants Are Being Fast-Tracked into Country [VIDEO]
…questions asked to Chinese immigrants entering the US have gone from 40 to 5.